14It's about family

Poe Dameron and General Leia

After the dust had settled and the prequel trilogy was over, it seemed like every fan in the galaxy wanted to chip in about what went wrong. Many people highlighted the bizarre plot that juxtaposed snooze-inducing political scenes with high-octane battles. Others felt the problem was the reliance on

CGI instead of practical effects.

Above it all the problem was that the main characters never felt like a family. Obi-wan was reduced to “cranky mentor,” whereas Anakin had zero chemistry with Padme or anyone else: he seemed more passionate describing his hatred of sand than his love for his wife.

The Last Jedi creative team took note of this, and this movie is going to work on continuing to build the relationships established in Force Awakens.

In an interview before she passed away, Carrie Fisher emphasized that the movie is “about family... and that's what's so powerful about it.” While some fans took that as a winking nod to Rey's possible relation to Luke Skywalker, it seems likelier the movie will be focusing on the “found family” aspect of the Resistance, showcasing how these strangers have been bonded in blood.

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