Star Wars: The Last Jedi Easily Dominates Social Media

Last weekend was Star Wars Celebration, and fans of the franchise were treated to a huge amount of news, posters, and special reveals as a result. The first full trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi was also released, spawning a huge amount of chatter as fans discussed, dissected, and re-watched the video. A new poster for the film was also major news for the franchise, with many fans even having a little fun and photoshopping it with new and hilarious variations.

Now, Star Wars Celebration may be over, but fans are definitely not finished talking about it. With so much new material released over the weekend, Star Wars fans have plenty to talk about for weeks to come, as well as plenty more to speculate about. In fact, the fans have been talking about The Last Jedi so much over the last week that it has become the most talked about film on social media.

According to media-measurement firm ComScore (and its PreAct service), The Last Jedi dominated social media with 892,000 new conversations and more than 1.5 million total conversations, Variety reports. This is significantly higher than Thor: Ragnarok, which was the second most-talked-about film with 65,304 new conversations generated (and 316,336 total conversations so far). The third most-talked about film was another superhero movie, as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 generated 18,544 new conversations over the same period.

It's not surprising that The Last Jedi has been such a huge hit on social media this week. Figures for social media engagement usually leap when a new trailer is released, as fans dissect every frame of the new footage. Therefore, the trailer alone would have been enough to put Star Wars at the top of the social media pile, but the rest of Star Wars Celebration is likely what pushed it so far above the other films on the list.

While we may not be too surprised to see how talked-about the next Star Wars film is, it's still interesting to see just how popular the franchise remains. Despite some criticisms of the last two movies, it looks like Star Wars is still a franchise with an absolutely huge and dedicated fan base -- not that anyone would expect otherwise.

Of course, these figures only reveal how many people were talking about the film, not what they were saying, and there is a big difference between the two. Negative conversations about the film are also counted toward the conversation totals, and while the franchise may have a huge fanbase, it also has its fair share of detractors who will be having less-than-enthusiastic social media conversations about the trailer and the poster.

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Source: Variety

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