The Last Jedi's First Word Revealed By Rian Johnson

Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson has revealed the first word in the film is "we're." As the highly-anticipated blockbuster's premiere draws nearer, the cast and crew have been making the rounds on the global press tour, visiting several of America's most popular talk shows this week. In a case of classic corporate synergy, Johnson and several of his Last Jedi stars appeared on ABC's (fellow Disney property) Jimmy Kimmel Live. The hour block was dedicated entirely to the galaxy far, far away, complete with interviews and funny sketches, such as Kimmel's Star Wars pitches to Johnson.

Unfortunately for those tuning in, the guest spots were extremely light on any new information about The Last Jedi, with the cast simply repeating statements they've made in earlier coverage. And unlike The Force Awakens, when J.J. Abrams brought a clip of Rey and Finn on the run at Jakku, no fresh footage was debuted. However, it wasn't a total loss, as at the very end of the show, Kimmel was able to coax Johnson into sharing the movie's first spoken (meaning, after the text crawl) word. You can watch the video in the space above.

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This has become something of a sequel trilogy tradition, as Abrams also unveiled the first word of The Force Awakens during his Kimmel interview back in 2015. One can only presume when the Episode IX cast pays their visit to Kimmel with Abrams in a couple of years, the host will go 3/3 in this regard.

Obviously, Johnson could not elaborate on the context of "we're," and it's just as vague right now as Force Awakens' use of "this" at the start. However, Star Wars history could help fans make a reasonable guess. This probably is not Rey's first word to Luke Skywalker. It's a franchise staple for the movies to begin with a ship (typically one belonging to the villains) in space. If The Last Jedi follows through with that tradition, the scene in question will most likely be either General Hux and Kylo Ren returning to Supreme Leader Snoke or the First Order launching a strike on the Resistance base at D'Qar. In the case of the former, the line could be to the effect of "We're approaching the Supreme Leader's Star Destroyer." If it's the latter, then the smart money would be on Leia or another Resistance figure saying, "We're evacuating. The First Order is on their way." Time will tell, of course, but these are two plausible options.

Some might have been disappointed the Kimmel Star Wars special didn't have anything more major, but it was undeniably fun to watch the cast come together and talk about what they could (including the Porgs). If nothing else, it served as a reminder The Last Jedi is right around the corner, and after two years of waiting (with a Rogue One detour along the way), we'll finally get a chance to see the Skywalker saga continue very soon.

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Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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