Star Wars: The Last Jedi Includes Emotional Rey & Leia Scene

Daisy Ridley has revealed one of the scenes in Star Wars: The Last Jedi depicts an emotional moment between Rey and General Leia Organa. As many fans know by now, this film sadly marks Carrie Fisher's final performance as her iconic character, following the actress' death at the end of last year. As a result, there's more interest in Leia's role (which was not changed due to the tragedy) than usual, and fans are curious to see where her storyline goes. The one question at the front of most people's minds is whether or not Leia reunites with her twin brother, Luke Skywalker.

No matter what happens, it should be a poignant and affecting event for all involved, especially with director Rian Johnson promising Fisher's turn will be cathartic for moviegoers. Lucasfilm has limited Leia's presence in the marketing campaign, with only brief amounts of footage in the trailers and TV spots, so most of the General is being saved for the film's premiere. There's no telling how things will turn out yet, but much like The Force Awakens, it appears The Last Jedi closes out with Rey and Leia sharing sharing a heart-wrenching moment that's sure to make theaters around the world a little dusty.

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In an interview with Glamour (hat tip Star Wars News Net), Ridley was asked about Fisher and what fans can expect from the legend in The Last Jedi. Perhaps surprisingly, the youngster shared an anecdote about the last thing she filmed with Fisher, which coincidentally is also one of the last things in the movie:

"The last thing Carrie and I filmed together was emotional for a variety of reasons. It’s the end of the film, and all of this crazy stuff has happened. There’s this moment that we share, and thinking about it now, I realize that it’s going to be really hard to watch. Because it will seem like a goodbye, even though it wasn’t at the time. You know, she and I went through a similar thing at different times [as Star Wars heroes]. She had the most insane life."

Carrie Fisher as Leia in Star Wars The Force Awakens

As alluded to above, this is similar to the ending of The Force Awakens, in which Rey and Leia shared a hug as they mourned the loss of Han Solo. Though the characters barely interacted in Episode VII, it's clear they have some sort of connection, and it will be interesting to see the context of their meeting in Last Jedi. Ridley mentioning the scene in question feels like a farewell is fascinating, since it makes it sound like Rey is going to embark on a journey before returning to the Resistance. Though the war will likely still be ongoing by the time the credits roll, Rey is more concerned with finding her place in the universe and understanding her Force powers than fighting the First Order. That thread most likely won't be wrapped up until the trilogy is over, so Rey has some soul-searching to do.

One only has to look at the marketing materials to see The Last Jedi is going to send fans through the wringer emotionally, balancing humor and seriousness as only Star Wars can. Since Rey is going to spend most of her screen time with Luke, it's worth wondering if Rey's conversation with Leia has anything to do with the old Jedi. To date, Luke has only been shown on Ahch-To in advertising materials, and while that could be on the studio's part to preserve spoilers, they haven't been shy about revealing Rey, Chewbacca, and even a Porg leave the remote world at some point. With Luke rejecting Rey out of fear for repeating his earlier mistakes, there's a plausible possibility he chooses to stay secluded while Rey continues her journey.

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Source: Glamour (via SWNN)

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