Rey Uses [SPOILER] In Shocking Star Wars: The Last Jedi TV Spot

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The latest television spot for Star Wars: The Last Jedi includes a shocking bit of footage where Rey uses the Force to bring Kylo Ren's cross-guard lightsaber to her and strikes a pose alongside the praetorian guards. There's only a week left (as of this writing) until the hotly-anticipated sequel opens in theaters, continuing the epic Skywalker saga with its latest chapter. Lucasfilm's marketing department has done a stellar job getting fans properly excited for the tentpole, flooding the airwaves and Internet with a plethora of TV promos in these last few weeks. Some of them included new footage, but nothing that could be considered an overt spoiler - until now.

Director Rian Johnson has been very adamant about how Rey and Kylo Ren represent the two halves of our protagonist in this sequel trilogy, so the characters' paths will definitely be intertwined in Last Jedi. Several advertising materials have played up the dynamic between the two young Force users, suggesting that a partnership could be in the works. Per this new spot, it seems very likely Rey is going to lend her talents to the dark side of the Force.

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Making Star Wars' YouTube channel uploaded a recording of the spot, which originally aired on ESPN 2 on Thursday, December 7. It celebrates the fact that there were (at the time it premiered) VIII days left until the premiere and is primarily composed of previously-revealed footage. However, the last bit serves up the enormous surprise of Rey Force-pulling (seemingly) Kylo Ren's lightsaber to her while in Supreme Leader Snoke's throne room. With a fierce look on her face, she prepares for battle flanked by praetorian guards. Watch it for yourself in the space above.

A majority of Last Jedi marketing has shown Rey training with Luke on Ahch-To, but it apparently doesn't go over well with those two. It's been heavily suggested Skywalker's fear of the young scavenger's potential causes him to inadvertently push Rey towards Kylo Ren, where the former rivals form some kind of alliance. Rey, it seems, is willingly up for using the dark side if it benefits her, as she appears to have no qualms about igniting a red lightsaber (and not the blue blade of the Skywalker family sword). It's very difficult to say what exactly is happening in this scene without the full context, but it's certainly a tantalizing bit of footage that presents numerous possibilities.

It is fascinating that Lucasfilm would choose to reveal this now, with one week to go until release. The studio has earned a reputation for being very tight with spoilery images in their trailers and TV spots, and this is the first time in recent memory they've really pushed that boundary. At the same time, all this does is raise several more questions about the nature of the narrative Johnson came up with that people will be eager to see answered come next Friday.

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Source: Making Star Wars/Lucasfilm

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