R2-D2 Befriends A Porg In New Star Wars 8 Sketch

One of Luke Skywalker's feathered friends - known as the porgs - takes a liking to R2-D2 in a sketch based on a scene description from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. After only getting a glimpse of the planet Ahch-To at the end of The Force Awakens, fans will get a better sense of the world in Episode VIII. A majority of the film will revolve around the exiled Jedi Master training young scavenger Rey in the ways of the Force, while embarking on a quest to locate the first Jedi Temple. There is much more to Ahch-To than originally met the eye, as it is home to a wide variety of creatures - some of which Luke has been living with for a long time.

When embarking on her journey, Rey was joined by Chewbacca and R2-D2, who both are set to have an emotional reunion with their old friend. As it turns out, they'll be making some new companions during their stay on Ahch-To as well. It's already been mentioned Chewie shares a moment with the porgs, and it looks like Artoo will have a cute encounter of his own with one.

Making Star Wars heard from a reliable source that there is a part in The Last Jedi where "one of the porgs lands on Artoo's head and it is absolutely adorable." The site drew their interpretation of the scene in question and shared it online. You can look at the picture in the space below:

Their latest write-up also included some more small details about the porgs. Those with orange feathers are male, and those without are female. There is apparently a nest on Ahch-To where 12 baby porgs hatch, interacting with Chewie and Artoo "before the action heats up." It will be interesting to see how these animals are executed on-screen and what the fan reaction to them is. The similarly cute Ewoks in Return of the Jedi drew the ire of some older viewers, who wrote them off as a cheap marketing ploy for kids. Until Lucasfilm shows the porgs in action (whether it's a trailer or the final film), it's best to reserve judgment and give a talented director like Johnson the benefit of the doubt. For now, however, they're an intriguing talking point.

It won't be much longer before fans get another look at The Last Jedi, as Lucasfilm is supposedly showcasing a behind-the-scenes sizzle reel at next week's D23 expo. Depending on how much the studio is comfortable with officially unveiling, they may decide to peel back the curtain and place a spotlight on the porgs. The creatures have been popping up frequently on the rumor mill, so the time might be right for an actual reveal.

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Source: Making Star Wars

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