Star Wars: The Last Jedi 'Doesn't Answer All The Questions'

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Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has revealed Star Wars: The Last Jedi will not answer all the pressing questions viewers have about the sequel trilogy. One of the many reasons why fans are excited to see the highly-anticipated sequel is the fact that it will solve some of the mysteries presented in 2015's The Force Awakens. Two of the big topics that should be covered are Luke Skywalker's reasoning for exile and the identities of Rey's parents - the latter of which is poised to be a stirring, emotional moment in the film. As major as these elements are, they only scratch the surface of the plethora of theories people have generated over the past two years.

The truth behind Supreme Leader Snoke, Kylo Ren's potential redemption, and how Maz Kanata acquired the Skywalker family lightsaber are other areas audiences would like to see the upcoming movies elaborate on. With fans eager to learn whatever they can as quickly as possible, some might have been hoping that writer/director Rian Johnson cleared the air in Episode VIII, but it doesn't sound like that's the case. Of course, plenty will be unveiled in The Last Jedi, but it isn't going to follow up on every single thing Force Awakens set up.

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The Star Wars Show posted an extended version of their recent interview with Kennedy, and The Last Jedi was unsurprisingly a key topic of conversation. When asked what impressed her the most about Johnson's script, Kennedy was quite candid about what's in store:

"I think he's done an exceptional job of taking these new characters and some of the legacy characters and moving us to this next place. He doesn't answer all the questions, I will say that up front. But there are certain questions he does answer in a really wonderfully provocative way, and I think there'll be some surprises that people aren't expecting."

Kennedy obviously didn't share what is and isn't in the movie, but it's smart for her to come out and say this now, with a little over a month to go until the premiere (as of this writing). Her comments allow viewers to set their expectations accordingly so they are not disappointed or feel cheated by the content of the Last Jedi narrative. Nobody is promising everything will be resolved in this chapter, so there will be some dangling threads. This makes sense, considering J.J. Abrams and Chris Terrio are currently in the process of writing Episode IX. Lucasfilm knew from the beginning they had a full trilogy, so there's no need to rush now and leave the finale with little substance to unpack. It shouldn't come as any surprise Star Wars 9 will tie up any loose ends remaining from Force Awakens, as well as deal with any inquiries raised in Last Jedi.

Most likely, Episode IX will be a Snoke-centric installment. Johnson has already said the Supreme Leader remains a mystery in his film, detailing only what was absolutely necessary to serve the story at hand. Even though more of the villain will be seen in Last Jedi, it sounds like there should be more ground to cover for the third film, including Snoke's history and rise to power. With Last Jedi focusing more on Luke, Rey, and Kylo Ren, it's logical for the studio to save the Snoke question for another time, providing fans with more fuel for speculation.

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Source: The Star Wars Show

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