People Are Photoshopping the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Poster

When Disney released the first official trailer and poster for the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi, most fans disappeared into the clues left behind by the teaser, especially the long-awaited return of Mark Hamill in the role that originally brought him so much fame: Luke Skywalker. After barely a cameo role in The Force Awakens, Luke's going to play a big part in the new film.

The character’s face also takes up a significant portion of the poster, which itself harkens back to the poster for the 1977 original Star Wars. Among the speculation and repeatedly freeze framing the new trailer in search of clues, Star Wars internet fans have found a more humorous way to keep themselves sane until opening weekend of The Last Jedi - using Photoshop.

On Twitter, several accounts using the hashtag “Make The Last Jedi Poster Better” have begun Photoshopping several pop culture references into the poster for The Last Jedi, ranging from The Last Jedi star Laura Dern and Jar Jar Binks to Tron to even the beloved Sloth from Goonies. You can take a look at the best of the parodies below.


— JackOfAllNerdsShow (@JackOfAllNerds) April 14, 2017

fixed it!

— Aaron Michael (@subsahaaron) April 14, 2017


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This poster is unbelievable

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I found this on @robertliefeld IG page and I'm geeking out hardcore!! Love it

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The hashtag itself is obviously meant to be in jest seeing as most fans have responded positively to the original poster and its nostalgic callback. Still, it’d be hard to argue with someone making the case for Sloth somehow appearing in The Last Jedi (even if - shockingly - that doesn’t seem very likely as of now). You can see a full set of fan works at the full hashtag. This isn't the only editing fun fans have had - we've shown how the trailer matches up almost perfectly to Man of Steel's teaser.

The trailer and poster for The Last Jedi – as well as the Photoshop fan-made posters – come as part of Star Wars Celebration 2017, the massive convention dedicated to the galaxy far, far away currently taking place in Orlando and being live-streamed around the world. The Last Jedi panel - where the cast and crew, including writer and director Rian Johnson, teased the upcoming film - was a highlight of the schedule and brought lots of big news about Episode VIII.

Source: Twitter

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