Luke Wields A Lightsaber In Official Japanese Star Wars 8 Poster

Luke Skywalker is wielding his old lightsaber once again in an official international poster for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The original trilogy protagonist is set to have a substantial role in this December's highly-anticipated sequel, and there are many burning questions about the character fans want answered. In addition to Luke's reasoning for exile and whether or not he'll full commit to Rey's training, many want to know if he will use a lightsaber at some point in the movie. For most of the Episode VIII marketing campaign, Skywalker was seen sans weaponry, with a walking stick his main accessory.

Things have changed recently, however. A promotional collectible glass included an illustration of the elder Luke standing triumphantly with his lightsaber in hand, making it seem he will pick up the sword he lost all those years ago on Cloud City. Lucasfilm is now doubling down on this imagery as their international advertising revs up.

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The Japanese Last Jedi poster has been revealed, and while it bears heavy resemblance to the domestic one-sheet, there are some very obvious differences. Rey and Luke have traded places, and Skywalker is clutching his family's lightsaber in a gloved hand. Disney has confirmed to Screen Rant this is official. You can check it out for yourself in the space below:

Undoubtedly, some will perceive this as a massive spoiler, as many had presumed Lucasfilm would save this kind of reveal for the film itself. Luke igniting any lightsaber is sure to be a monumental moment, perhaps coming at a critical juncture in the narrative. There is always the possibility the studio is trying to throw some misdirection here (see: Luke appearing on hero and villain posters), but odds are they wouldn't mislead in regards to something like this. If Skywalker is front and center with a lightsaber on a poster, he probably uses it in the movie. All through Force Awakens promotion, Finn was shown with that same weapon, and while that ultimately was a red herring to hide Rey's true nature, the former stormtrooper did get into a couple of duels.

Even though fans in some circles would have preferred to not know this going in, the stroke of genius is that it actually raises more questions to contemplate. For starters, the location of Luke's Return of the Jedi green lightsaber is a new mystery that will hopefully be solved come December. Three decades of history separate the original and sequel trilogies, and since that sword wasn't lost on the second Death Star (Luke used it in a comic), it'll be something else to theorize about. It's also unknown who Luke will fight against should circumstances call for it. Kylo Ren or Rey could be his opponent, both of which would prove to be quite emotional.

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Source: Disney/Lucasfilm

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