Chewie Smacks A Porg In New Last Jedi Footage

A new TV spot for Star Wars: The Last Jedi includes a humorous moment of Chewbacca shoving his new Porg friend out of the way.

The latest TV spot for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is light on new footage, but it does contain some fresh clips, including a funny moment where Chewie shoves his new Porg friend out of the way during an action sequence. With only a few weeks to go until the film's premiere, Lucasfilm's marketing department has gone into overdrive to generate hype for the next chapter in the Skywalker saga. It seems like each day sees the release of another promo, and while the studio has done an excellent job keeping all of the twists and turns under lock and key, they have teased fans with intense Jedi training, new images, and other little snippets.

Throughout Episode VIII promotion, the adorable Porgs have been at the front and center of the campaign, winning over the hearts of many with their cute appearance. The full theatrical trailer from October included a scene where one let out a "ferocious" battle cry aboard the Millennium Falcon, and now an extended version of that sequence is included in the newest spot.

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Debuting today during the telecast of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the official Star Wars YouTube channel has now posted the 15-second spot, which you can watch above. It's high on spectacle and tense action, but ends on a humorous note, as Chewie's Porg is obviously terrified of whatever the Falcon is flying towards. Unconcerned with the Porg's plight, the Wookiee smacks the space puffin off the dashboard as he reaches for some controls. It's still difficult to tell if someone else is flying the ship with Chewie. The shot appears to be blocked in a way to intentionally keep the pilot's seat out-of-frame, meaning whoever Chewbacca is with could be a spoiler.

The other notable new piece of footage here comes right at the beginning, where Captain Phasma says to someone offscreen, "So good to have you back." Most likely, the stormtrooper leader is speaking to her former subordinate, Finn, who served in the First Order as FN-2187 before turning his back on the villains. One of the few Last Jedi plot details that have been confirmed at this time is that Finn and Resistance mechanic Rose Tico embark on a secret mission that sees them go undercover aboard a Star Destroyer. There is a shot in the trailer seemingly showing Finn in custody, being brought before his old boss. That is sure to be a suspenseful moment, considering the tumultuous history those two characters share. In this spot, we also get a new shot of BB-8 peering around a corner. He is with Finn and Rose on their mission, so he could be sneaking around behind enemy lines in this moment.

Clearly, there isn't much to dissect and analyze here, but the promo is still exciting for fans, as it means The Last Jedi is getting closer to its release. Lucasfilm has done a great job getting viewers properly enthused, seeing that the film is projected to earn more than $200 million at the domestic box office in its opening weekend. At this point, the only real question that remains is whether or not The Last Jedi is of high quality, but with Kathleen Kennedy already announcing Episode VIII helmsman Rian Johnson is developing a new Star Wars trilogy, she had to have been impressed by what he did with the material.

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Source: Lucasfilm

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