Every Major Reveal From Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Novelization

Rose and Finn on Canto Bight

Rose's Romance With Finn

After spending most of Force Awakens with Rey, Finn got a new friend in Rose during Last Jedi as they go on a secret mission for Poe. Though they meet under less than ideal circumstances (with Finn attempting to run away), they grow close over the course of their adventure. Finn and Rose shared a small kiss on Crait, and the book hints at the full scope of Rose's feelings for the former stormtrooper.

One line in the novel notes Rose thinks Finn is "handsome," but is turned off by the "weird traitor thing." Considering Finn's past as a First Order deserter, Rose is quite fascinated with him and views him as a galactic hero. It's also mentioned throughout the book Rose is tired of hearing Finn wax on about Rey, perhaps harboring some feelings of jealousy towards the scavenger. Unfortunately for Rose, if John Boyega had his way, Finn would end up with Rey, but it's all going to depend on what Abrams wants to do.

More Details On Maz Kanata

Maz Kanata Star Wars The Force Awakens

Outside of Captain Phasma, it's difficult to find a worse character in the sequel trilogy than Maz Kanata. This is not an indictment on actress Lupita Nyong'o, but a commentary on how the filmmakers have implemented her. It doesn't help matters Maz is at the forefront of a clunky second act in The Force Awakens, and her hologram scene is one of the worst in Last Jedi by far. Abrams and Johnson seem to be at a loss of what to do with her, and it's unknown if she'll be back for Episode IX. Fortunately, non-movie canon is here to add a little more to Maz.

Prior to her conversation with Finn, Poe, and Rose, the novel mentions Maz has endured 67 injuries, 22 of which were considered life-threatening. She has gone through a plethora of treatments and remains on her feet after a millennium of life. Author Fry doesn't expand beyond that, but it certainly fleshes Maz out more than her cinematic appearances have, and may actually make fans more interested in her endeavors. Her various exploits would be ideal for a comic series or another novel. It would be a great way to salvage what could have been a very interesting character.

R2-D2's Secret Relationship With The Falcon

For many Star Wars fans, the Millennium Falcon is as much a character as Darth Vader or Han Solo. The ship has been front and center during some of the saga's biggest moments and is one of the most popular images in all of pop culture. Dating back to The Empire Strikes Back, Lucasfilm has given the Falcon some personality, with Threepio noting its peculiar dialect. But Fry takes things one step further in his book.

Towards the end while R2-D2 is scanning the Crait surface for the surviving Resistance members, the text details his relationship with the "cantankerous"  Falcon. In a surprising revelation, it's revealed the ship has a taste for "romantic gossip and dirty jokes," which Artoo is happy to provide. It's for that reason he gets along with the Falcon, but the prim and proper Threepio does not. This is something to keep in mind next time you watch Artoo fix the ship's hyperdrive in Empire.

With the Falcon having specific traits like this, it's caused some fans to wonder if L3-37, Lando Calrissian's droid companion in Solo, actually is the Falcon, uploading her consciousness to the ship's mainframe. If that turns out true, that would only make the Falcon's possible destruction in Episode IX more harrowing.

Rebel Alliance Secrets

Crait plays a key role in The Last Jedi and is a very important planet in Star Wars canon. As revealed in Claudia Gray's Leia novel, it was the home of an old Rebellion base, which is why the Resistance seeks shelter there while on the run from the First Order. Of course, the Alliance had to keep their presence there a secret, and even after the fall of the Empire, their leaders found that old habits died hard.

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Following the Galactic Civil War, the Rebels turned over their military secrets to the New Republic, but key figures like Leia and Admiral Ackbar decided to keep a few things close to the chest. This was a necessary measure in the case of future disaster. The Alliance veterans stashed files in navicomputers that contained hyperspace routes and the location of Rebel safeworlds, like Crait.

A Caretaker's Life

The Caretakers in Star Wars The Last Jedi

Fry gives The Last Jedi an epilogue set on Ahch-To, told from the perspective of a Caretaker. It fleshes out the nun-like aliens, revealing it is their responsibility to aid visitors in any way they can, such as cooking meals and cleaning clothes. There is always a head matron to take care of these tasks, and eventually the matron passes the title down to their daughter. Luke was a different kind of visitor to Ahch-To, arriving with artifacts presumably taken from the planet long ago. Skywalker insisted on doing everything himself and had a nice relationship with the Caretakers. He learned their language and their traditions, taking part in the Festival of Return each month during his exile.

Of course, by the end of The Last Jedi, Ahch-To has no more outside guests. Rey left on the Falcon with Chewie and Artoo, while Luke became one with the Force. The Caretakers gathered Luke's belongings and stored them in a repository with other objects they've amassed over generations. The book mentions other visitors on Ahch-To either leapt to their death into the water or allowed the Force to take them.


As you can see, the Last Jedi novelization is much more than just a basic retelling of the film. For fans of the movie, it's certainly worth picking up and makes for a great companion piece.

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