Star Wars: 15 Mistakes You Completely Missed In The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a mixed bag of vanishing dice. Critics love it for refreshing and reinventing the galaxy for a new generation, while hardcore fans seemingly hate it for the liberties it takes with the classic formula and characters. Basically, it all comes down to whether or not you like space nuns.

One thing is for sure: this is not George Lucas' Star Wars. Nor apparently is it Mark Hamill's, who has gone on record as saying that “he's not my Luke Skywalker” and that “Jedi don't give up.”

On top of all that, the movie has made some fairly serious snafus that go well beyond its unforgivable underuse of porgs and equally as unforgivable overuse of shirtless Kylo Rens.

These range from the inevitable continuity error to the far more troublesome faults in the story. So, regardless of whether you find yourself on the light side of loving the film or dark side of wanting to see it laser sworded to oblivion, Episode 8 has enough mistakes, gaffes and plot holes to make even Jar Jar Binks shake his head in disapproval. (Okay, well maybe they're not that bad.)

Let's go chrome domes! Here are 15 Mistakes You Completely Missed In Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

15 Rey Somehow Knows How to Swim

Maybe this is not so much a mistake as a bewildered observation but… given the fact Rey has lived her entire life on the desert planet Jakku how does she know how to swim so well? Before arriving on Ahch-To the most water she had ever seen was the slop pot used by piggish Happabores on Niima Outpost. Yet there she was falling down a big black hole into an underground lake and masterfully swimming ashore without a problem.

While we wouldn't expect her to drown, at the very least she should have doggy paddled. Then again Rey had never used a lightsaber or mind trick before either and was instantly a pro at both. She's just that good, we guess. Or had a membership to the Y on Jakku.

14 The First Order Could Have Easily Destroyed the Resistance Ship

Are you seriously going to tell us that the entirety of the First Order's fleet could not stop one, lone rickety old ship from getting away at a snail's pace?

Right off the bat we can think of about 12 parsecs worth of likely ways they could have gotten the job done. How about just having another ship jump ahead in front of the Raddus and surround them? Or calling up another Dreadnought (Poe alluded to the fact there were more than one) and having the massive gun ship blast the Raddus with its massive orbital canons?

Then there's the paradox created when Vice Admiral Holdo sacrifices herself by hyperspacing right through the First Order's fleet. Why didn't the Order just do the same with any of its light-speed capable ships and similarly hyperspace ram the lone craft to death?

13 Luke Uses His Blue Lightsaber in the Final Showdown

Let's go right to the Crait of the matter. The final showdown on the salty red planet between Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker was certainly the oddest non-lightsaber duel ever to grace the end of a Star Wars film. In more ways than one.

However, momentarily ignoring most of the baffling things surrounding Luke Force projecting himself onto the battle-ridden planet, there's one we just can't wrap our heads around. Namely, why didn't Kylo realize Luke was holding his lightsaber, despite emo Vader having personally just ripped it apart a few scenes prior?

Wouldn't seeing his old master hold something that no longer existed be a clue something was amiss? Maybe Kylo was too blinded by his own rage, but its kind of hard to ignore a blazing blue laser sword when its swung right in your face.

12 Rey's Slight of Feet Atop Ahch-To

Speaking of weird moments involving lightsabers, how about the jarring jump cut when Rey confronts Luke for the first time on Ahch-To.

In an act of reverence, she reaches out and hands Luke his long lost weapon. The shot cuts and suddenly, in the next frame, she's standing really far away. As in she would have had to thrown the thing at him for it to make any sense.

While there were numerous similar continuity errors on Ahch-To, if not the entire film, we're not going to nitpick them all. Given the scope of production for the The Last Jedi you can forgive the script supervisor for missing a thing or two.

However, this is a momentous occasion for the franchise, having been featured in not one, but two films. So you would think they would have paid a little extra special attention to where everyone was standing.

11 Star Destroyers Completely Ignore the Bomber Ships

Star Wars villains sure do love their superweapons, but surprisingly, they're terrible at protecting them. In this movie alone we not only get a miniaturized Death Star battering ram, but the First Order also unveils its pride and joy in the dreaded Dreadnought, only to immediately let it get blown to smithereens.

The Last Jedi opens with Poe Dameron single-handedly taking on the First Order to pave the way for a fleet of MG-100 StarFortress bombers. Equipped with 1,048 proton bombs, they certainly pack enough heat to do some serious damage. This is why it's so confusing General Hux doesn't order any one of the multiple Star Destroyers floating idly by to fire at the incoming threat.

Instead, a swarm of Tie Fighters are deployed in a scatter brained defensive that results in one of the bombers getting through and blowing yet another one of their toys to kingdom come.

10 Hyperspace Tracking Technology Isn't as New As Everyone Thinks

Directory Rain Johnson reveals that the First Order has new technology that can track ships through hyperspace. Upon realizing this the Resistance is both impressed and demoralized. Though its an odd reaction considering past events.

Somehow everyone has forgotten Darth Vader was able to track Princess Leia's ship in A New Hope after it jumped to hyperspace. Sure, in Rogue One Jyn stumbles on Empire files detailing something called “hyperspace tracking navigational systems.”

However, that would make this tech anything but new and doesn't explain why everyone acts like this is something out of the blue or why it took decades and a single maintenance worker named Rose to figure out what was going on.

Maybe if Leia weren't in a space-flying-induced coma, she could have set everyone straight. In other news, we're still waiting for the First Order to unveil its ability to go plaid with ludicrous speed.

9 Whose Filming Maz Kanata's Phone Call?

The Last Jedi really goes out of its way to test the limits of reason when it comes to placing a phone call. We'll let the ridiculousness of Rey and Kylo Jedi Skyping one another go because how else were we going to see Adam Driver's nipples? However, we can't do the same for the conference call that Po, Rose, and Finn have with Maz Kanata.

First off, wouldn't the First Order detect a communication sent from the Resistance ship? That's Original Series Star Trek-type technology. However, let's suspend disbelief for a second and say the line was masked.

That still doesn't explain whose filming Maz from so many different angles while simultaneously remaining invisible from all other angles-- during a shootout no less. If there was no cameraman, shouldn't Maz's projection come from one angle? It makes no sense. Also, why is she is in this movie at all?

8 Luke Never Wants to Be Found Yet There's a Map Pointing to His Exact Location

In The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker makes it abundantly clear that he never wanted to be found, and instead left to die alone, sad, and gloriously bearded amongst the porgs. Yet for some odd reason he created a map leading to his exact location should anyone want to find him.

The argument is that the map wasn't actually pointing to him nor did he create it, which is vaguely covered in the novelization of Episode VII. In short, the map was made before Luke's time to show the site of the first Jedi temple and it's only assumed he would be there too.

Still, that doesn't explain why everyone knew that he was likely hiding out there. That is unless Luke just really stinks at keeping secrets. Point is, if people have to read a book about your movie to kind of figure out what's going on in your movie, something is wrong.

7 Finn Drags Rose Back to Base Unharmed

There's a lot going on during the final climatic battle on Crait-- salt is flying everywhere, the ground looks like blood, ski Speeders are doing things, and Luke Skywalker is walking around.

Therefore you can forgive the First Order for missing a thing a two. But not seeing Finn slowly drag an injured Rose all the way to base across what was at least a couple hundred yards in plain sight, now that's just sloppy soldiering.

After all self-proclaimed Supreme Leader Kylo Ren just ordered everybody to taken no prisoners and kill every last one of the Resistance fighters. You have to think at least one of those AT-M6 walkers spotted them and taken the initiative. Of course, maybe everyone was too darn distracted by Luke's new haircut.

6 Kylo Brings the House Down on Everything But Himself

In learning about the fateful moment that turned Kylo Ren to the Dark Side and made Luke Skywalker into a crotchety recluse who unabashedly milks aliens, we get several perspectives on how things went down.

It seems Luke enters Kylo's hut to creepily read his mind and as a result has a sudden urge to murder his angsty pupil. Decency gets the better of Skywalker but not before the boy wakes up and in self-defense Force Pulls the entire structure onto his master.

We might be getting a big picky with this one, but it seems strange that Kylo wasn't crushed to death by the rubble, or at the very least trapped beneath it like Luke was. It's possible that he quickly summoned some kind of Force Field to protect himself, but given the suddenness of the situation, that seems unlikely.

5 Yoda Controls the Physical World But Does Nothing To Stop Billions Being Murdered

Certainly a classic Yoda appearing to once again hit Luke with his stick was a welcomed surprise. However, witnessing him summon lighting from the heavens to torch the original Jedi temple to the ground was another thing altogether.

Force Ghosts are nothing new. Force Ghosts controlling the weather like an X-Man are. Although there is precedence for it, that doesn't explain why Yoda decides to demonstrate his awesome postmortem powers to burn a couple books but has no problem staying out of the rest of the fight. Maybe he can't get directly involved due to some metaphysical Jedi ghost moral code.

However, at the very least, couldn't he have maybe visited Luke right before he tried to murder Kylo Ren and saved the galaxy from a whole lot terribleness? That seems like it might have been just as good a time to drop in for an unexpected hello.

4 The Golden Dice Don't Disappear Even After Luke Stops Projecting Himself

Like we said earlier, there are a lot of baffling things surrounding Luke Force Projecting himself onto Crait at the film's end. For instance, where did all the blast marks on the ground left from the battle moments earlier go when Luke showed up? Or why did he take the time to imagine himself getting a haircut? Then there's the golden dice.

Luke finding the golden dice during a trip down memory lane on the Millennium Flacon was a nice callback to A New Hope. It also worked when he handed them to his sister Leia as a reminder that those we lose are never truly gone in one of the film's most touching moments.

However, tthen all that meaning literally disappears. Though the strangest part was that the phantom dice decided to stick around for awhile longer even after Luke had stopped his mental projections.

3 The First Order Misses the Fleeing Escape Pods Despite Their Super-Magnifiying Glass

With no time to spare, Vice Admiral Holdo finally reveals her master plan-- escape pods. With that, what little remains of the Resistance makes their very slow way towards a near by abandoned Rebel base that everyone has just conveniently remembered existed. The best part? General Hux and the First Order are none the wiser, because they're idiots.

Seriously, just look out the window, Hux, and you'll see a bunch of tiny ships getting away. Even if they're using sensor cloaking technology, they're not invisible to the naked eye.

How do we know this? Because Supreme Leader Snoke reveals that he has a super-powered magnifying glass on board that can easily spot the escape pods.

The same goes for Rose and Finn's earlier escape to go on an ultimately pointless adventure after jumping into hyperspace right infront of the First Order fleet.

2 Luke's Clothes Remain When He Disappears But Not His Fake Hand

We'll be the first to admit, we don't really know what the rules behind disappearing into thin air and turning into a blue-tinted space ghost. But there does seem to be some kind of protocol.

Upon death one truly at one with the Force leaves the material world behind (including their Jedi robes) for a more harmoniously spiritual existence. It's a very nice thought. And riddled with contradiction.

Take the death of Luke Skywalker. After conjuring his image across the galaxy proves too taxing for his physical body, he goes the way of Yoda and Obi Wan Kenobi, fading peacefully into the sunset. All that remain are his clothes to flutter in the wind. Which begs the question, why didn't his fake cybernetic stay behind as well. Or his shoes?

May the Force be with you... but not your clothes. Fake hands, however? Those are totally cool.

1 Finn's Pack Magically Jumps From One Place to Another

Fuel is running out, Leia's in a coma, Poe has been sent to his room, a crazy lady with purple hair and a “need to know” plan is in charge of the Resistance, and the First Order is just biding time to kill everyone. So what's an ex-Stormtrooper to do? Apparently misplace his bag.

As Finn prepares for a getaway from the Resistance ship so he can kidnap Rey and take her away from all of the bad things happening, he places his gear on the ground in front of the escape pod.

However, when Rose, who is on deserter duty, confronts him, she spots that his bag is inside the pod despite Finn clearly never moving there. While having Rose notice the bag in the pod as opposed to on the ground made for a more dramatic beat, that's no excuse for ignoring the laws of luggage physics.


Did you discover any other mistakes, inconsistencies, or glaring potholes in Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Let us know in the comments!

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