Star Wars: The Last Jedi Toys Reveal New Luke & Rey Dialogue

Newly released Star Wars: The Last Jedi toys reveal lines of dialogue from Luke Skywalker, Rey, General Leia Organa, and DJ.

Daisy Ridley as Rey and Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars The Last Jedi

Some of the latest Star Wars: The Last Jedi action figures reveal new dialogue from multiple characters, including Luke Skywalker and Rey. As part of the big Episode VIII merchandise push, Hasbro produced a series of Force Link toys that acted as an update of the CommTech line released for The Phantom Menace in 1999. With a technologically enhanced bracelet, people could make the figures "speak" as they recite movie-accurate phrases. Obviously, there are no spoilers to be found in these products, but they're still fun for fans to check out. Until the film releases in December, this is the closest we'll get to hearing Last Jedi lines (save for trailers and TV spots).

Force Friday II saw the release of the first wave of Force Link figures, consisting of multiple heroes and villains. But as any experienced Star Wars collector knows, what came out in September is only the beginning. Since that time, there have been more action figures unveiled, such as ones for General Leia Organa and new character DJ. With these toys now available to purchase, their respective Force Link phrases are now circulating online.

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Making Star Wars acquired four Force Link figures - Luke, Rey, Leia, and DJ - and shared what each one says. It's worth pointing out that the Luke and Rey toys are different from the ones that debuted on Force Friday, meaning their phrases are brand new. Check out the lines for yourself in the space below:

Benicio Del Toro as DJ in Star Wars The Last Jedi Cropped


  • "Hey, I'm a thief."
  • "Oh for Hutts sake!"
  • "I can get you outta here."
  • "If the price is right."
  • "Let's get this over with."


  • "Together, we can defeat the First Order."
  • "May the Force be with you."
  • "Send them in."
  • "I will do everything I can to help."
  • "All troops open fire!"


  • "I'm Rey."
  • "The Resistance sent me."
  • "Help me with this quick."
  • "You're a monster."


  • "Reach out with your feelings."
  • "You shouldn't be here."
  • "How did you find me?"
  • "Nooo!"
  • "What do you know of the Force?"

The most interesting ones here are the DJ and Luke figures - especially since we've yet to hear the former speak in any marketing materials. The codebreaker's lines highlight his roguish, mercenary nature, showcasing he'll do any job for the right amount of money and has a penchant for thievery. Most likely, these are taken from conversations he has with Finn and Rose, as the two Resistance heroes will cross paths with DJ on their mission to Canto Bight. As for Luke, we've known he trains Rey (at least for a while) and isn't happy about being found on Ahch-To, and these lines are further confirmation of that. "How did you find me?" could lead to an emotional reunion between Skywalker and his old friends, R2-D2 and Chewbacca, as Rey will inevitably have to tell Luke she didn't come alone.

Unfortunately, the Leia and Rey phrases are fairly generic, and a couple of them seem to be pulled from The Force Awakens. These undoubtedly only scratch the surface of what the two leading ladies will say in The Last Jedi, since they're both poised to have major roles in the sequel. The scavenger and the general will be integral players in Episode VIII's two main storylines, so it'll be interesting to see where they go in the new movie.

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Source: Making Star Wars

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