Luke Honors Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: Last Jedi Comic

Luke Finally Understands Obi-Wan's Last Lesson

There will be some fans of Star Wars: The Last Jedi who defend it as a perfect or near perfect story. For them, the parallels are obvious and as meaningful as they can be: Luke is now the older Jedi hermit, like Obi-Wan was. Rey is the plucky new Jedi, like Luke was. And Kylo Ren is the new Vader, trained and lost to the Dark Side. The cycle is obvious, and satisfying, whether or not the characters are aware of it.

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But we would argue that the comic book adaptation of The Last Jedi includes one detail that makes the finale far more rewarding for Luke Skywalker fans. Writer Gary Whitta already showed how much a few lines of dialogue can change a major Star Wars moment, letting Luke Skywalker narrate his own death. But the former upstart Jedi student didn't just gain that perspective in the final moments of his life. Luke may have relied upon Force Projection to re-enter the galactic war, and not an invitation from a young princess, but he effectively plays the same part. Rey and the Resistance want him to stand up to the First Order with only his sword... but Luke remembers the last lesson Ben Kenobi taught him in life.

In the comic book version of Luke and Leia's reunion, more words are exchanged than in the movie. Luke reminds Leia that she knows hope has never faded since she first took it in her hands (in the form of plans to the Death Star). She accepts that her son Ben is gone, just as she does in the film. But in the comic, Luke reminds her of a truth that she wasn't there to hear in the very first Star Wars: that now, as then, there are alternatives to fighting.

It took Luke decades to realize that he was living out his own Jedi Master's exile all over again, before realizing that he must also answer the call. And if Luke remembered Ben's words to recite them to Leia, fans can safely assume he remembers how they ultimately proved true. And most importantly, the price that he would have to pay for others to continue the fight.

Ben Kenobi's Student Truly Becomes The Master

Star Wars The Last Jedi Luke

While Ben Kenobi, or Obi-Wan is absent from the film - instead leaving Yoda, his second Master, to talk some sense into him - it's Old Ben whose words give him his path. Ben Kenobi used his history as a great Jedi to stand between the villains and the next generation, giving his enemy nothing else to see. Decades later, Luke does the exact same. Some can claim that those themes are present in the movie whether the characters know it or not. Even if Luke is just doing all he can, the cycle of fate is visible. But there are plenty of fans who will be happier to see this line of dialogue added, showing Luke rising to the role they hoped to see.

Returning to the fight knowing the odds. Realizing Ben knowingly put aside violence for sacrifice, recognizing The Force giving him that same purpose, and becoming the true Jedi Master that his fans always knew he could be. The difference between movie and comic may be small, but they are the difference between Luke walking Ben Kenobi's path... and choosing it for himself.

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