Star Wars 8: Snoke's Throne Room & New Kylo Image In Toy Leaks

Snoke and Kylo Ren in Force Awakens

The latest toy leaks for Star Wars: The Last Jedi give fans their first look at Supreme Leader Snoke's lair and a new image of Kylo Ren. This past week saw a cornucopia of new information about the highly-anticipated film hit the Internet, covering everything from Rey's dynamic with Luke Skywalker to the size of Maz Kanata's role. Reading about these Lucasfilm-approved details was exciting, but those following Episode VIII know that the EW spread is hardly the only piece of marketing that's come out for the film this summer. Last Jedi has been subject to more than its fair share of toy leaks, with LEGO sets and Hasbro action figures confirming various rumors and teasing other plot developments.

Force Friday II, which sees the first wave of Star Wars 8 products hit shelves, is only a few weeks away (as of this writing), and already collectors have a good idea of what to expect thanks to all the images and a toy check list. In contrast to the merchandise rollout for The Force Awakens, where Snoke was completely absent, the villain is poised to be an integral part of the tie-in materials with various action figures of his own. Thanks to the newest leak, a play set that includes one of the Snoke toys has been revealed.

Appearing on Reddit, the photo highlights Snoke's lair. The product comes with action figures of Snoke and a praetorian guard. It appears to be the BB-8 play set that's coming out, in which the lovable droid opens up to become a scene from The Last Jedi - similar to the old Micro Machines sets from years ago. A separate Reddit leak showcased a new promotional image of Kylo Ren with his lightsaber at the ready. You can check out both by clicking on the links below:

Click for Snoke Lair Leak

Click for Kylo Ren Promo Image

Adam Driver as Kylo Ren in Star Wars The Last Jedi

The picture of Kylo is nice to see, though there really isn't anything new to be gleaned from it. Fans will probably be more interested in checking out the Snoke toy, especially since that character has been shrouded in mystery for years. Due to the image being low-res, it's difficult to make all of the details out, but the lair seems to be multiple levels with a throne room at the very top and some kind of torture device (similar to where Poe Dameron and Rey were interrogated in Force Awakens) at the bottom. Some fans may be concerned that this is "Death Star 4" given the toy's spherical appearance, but earlier rumors have pointed to Snoke's throne room being in the interior of a mega Star Destroyer (a LEGO kit for that ship exists), so there shouldn't be anything to worry about. Keeping with the Micro Machines comparison, the R2-D2 transforming play set was Jabba's palace from Return of the Jedi, so artistic license is being used by the manufacturers.

It's interesting that BB-8, and not his First Order lookalike, is the one who turns into Snoke's lair. The similarly-minded Micro Machines sets usually had some correlation between the character and the scene in question (Boba Fett, Cloud City; Royal Guard, Death Star II). This makes it seem like the lovable droid could be part of Finn and Rose's undercover mission, which possibly sees the two infiltrate a Star Destroyer. There haven't been many details about BB-8's role in The Last Jedi (other than being comic relief again), so anything is possible right now.

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Source: Reddit [2]

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