George Lucas Says Star Wars: The Last Jedi Was 'Beautifully Made'

Star Wars creator George Lucas approves of the work Rian Johnson poured into The Last Jedi, saying the film was 'beautifully made.'

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George Lucas approves of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, written and directed by Rian Johnson, particularly lauding the film's visuals. Early reviews for The Last Jedi have already started coming out days before the latest episodic offering arrives in cinemas and it seems like Lucasfilm has another hit on their hands with critics praising the movie for its perfectly balanced narrative. It also helps that it already is Certified Fresh on the aggregating review site, Rotten Tomatoes.

It won't be long before fans can form their own opinion of the much-hyped sequel. Many have high expectations for The Last Jedi especially after Lucasfilm exhibited confidence in Johnson's work by granting him the responsibility of developing a brand new trilogy separate from the main saga. With The Last Jedi tracking for a $425 million worldwide opening weekend, it's safe to say that many are intrigued by the long-teased unexpected narrative of the latest Star Wars installment.

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Connie Wethington, a representative for Lucas, provided THR the very first comment from Star Wars creator George Lucas with regard to the newest episode in the Skywalker saga he started in 1977, calling it "beautifully made." She then added, "In speaking with director Rian Johnson after viewing, [Lucas] was complimentary," which is a great boost of morale for Johnson and the cast of the movie, as well as additional motivation for people to go see the film if they're still on the fence about it.

If anything, the trailers, as well as the recently released behind-the-scenes featurette, were already indications of the marvelous cinematography of The Last Jedi. From the Vegas-type space metropolis of Canto Bight to the aesthetically pleasing ground battle in Crait and even just the angle of shots Johnson chose amplify people's viewing experience of the movie. What is more intriguing to hear however, is Lucas' comments about its story granted that it is expected to crack the lore wide open. Despite successfully roping everyone back into the mythos in 2015, one of the major gripes some fans have with Star Wars: The Force Awakens was that it felt too familiar. Episode VIII seems to have covered that criticism with a fresh take on the mythos.

It will be interesting to see if Lucas will come forward and comment on the project himself considering what went down after The Force Awakens. Initially approving of the JJ Abrams' project, the man behind the famed franchise eventually went to be a bit more critical of Episode VII and Disney's approach to tackling the IP. He belatedly clarified his comments, but many still wonder what he really thinks of the plans laid out for his creation knowing that it is significantly different from his original vision. Since then, he has shied away from the spotlight, only ever openly talking about the saga during the franchise's 40-year anniversary panel at Star Wars Celebration Orlando earlier this year.

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Source: THR

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