The Resistance Needs Luke's Help In New Last Jedi Promo

Rey gives Luke Skywalker a desperate message in a new promo for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The highly-anticipated sequel picks up just moments after The Force Awakens, which famously ended with the young scavenger holding out the Skywalker family lightsaber to the old Jedi. Their dynamic is set to be the beating heart of Rian Johnson's film, and based on footage and cast interviews, it seems like some surprises are in store. The final trailer suggested Luke is terrified of Rey's potential and fears she'll end up being another Kylo Ren.

While discovering her place in the universe is of utmost importance to Rey, she seems to have a different objective in mind at the outset of Last Jedi. General Leia Organa is keen on having her twin brother rejoin the fight against the First Order, which is why she dispatched Rey to Ahch-To in the first place. The heroine's plea for help is the centerpiece of the latest Episode VIII spot, which is designed to get casual viewers hyped for the upcoming film.

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In the video (watch it above), Daisy Ridley gives moviegoers four reasons to be excited to see The Last Jedi in theaters, as if it being the next Star Wars movie wasn't enough. The first item on her list is learning the truth about Luke Skywalker, which is where the brief amount of new footage comes in. It plays as an alternate version of the clip shown during the Noovie pre-show ahead of screenings of Coco, where Rey tells Luke, "We need your help." Here, we see the other part of that line involves Rey saying she is with the Resistance and was sent by Leia, which is sure to get a response out of Skywalker.

One of the biggest questions about The Last Jedi is whether or not the iconic siblings will reunite after years apart, following Ben Solo's betrayal and murder of Han. Things clearly weren't happy-go-lucky for the original trilogy's big three before the events of The Force Awakens, so one can only imagine how Luke and Leia have been impacted now. Though The Last Jedi isn't going to have much time to harp on Han's emotional farewell, his loss will surely weigh on those who were closest to him, especially when Skywalker steps aboard the Millennium Falcon and is haunted by memories of the past. It'll be interesting to see Luke's reaction to hearing Leia's name, as it should tell us a lot about his mindset and motivation. His goal appears to be discovering the first Jedi Temple, not toppling the First Order.

The rest of the promo is essentially fluff, with Ridley placing a spotlight on the spaceships and creatures that'll be seen onscreen. Once again, the adorable Porgs get a shout out and there's a new clip of someone (perhaps Finn) riding on the back of a Fathier on Canto Bight. With only a week to go until the film reaches theaters, Lucasfilm's non-stop promotional machine can finally start to wind down. They've done their part. Now fans just have to judge the final picture for themselves.

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