Star Wars 8: John Boyega Hypes Finn & Phasma Fight

John Boyega has been hyping up the Finn and Captain Phasma fight from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which fans glimpsed in the film’s brand new trailer. Finn, of course, used to be a Stormtrooper under the command of Gwendoline Christie’s Phasma, before he had a crisis of conscience and left the First Order to join The Resistance. The pair last saw each other onboard Starkiller Base, in Star Wars: The Force Awakensthird act, when Finn sent Phasma into a garbage compactor under the advice of Han Solo.

Phasma’s escape from the trash chute was chronicled in a tie-in comic book. This allows her to reappear in The Last Jedi, enabling this grudge match, which is one of many talking points from the film’s final trailer. The biggest talking point, arguably, is Andy Serkis’ Supreme Leader Snoke – is The First Order's big boss going to sacrifice Kylo Ren to turn Rey to the Dark Side? And who was he actually talking to in the trailer’s opening moments? These are big questions on the minds of the fans right now.

And while fans and journalists break down the trailer in forensic detail, Finn actor John Boyega has been moved to comment on Twitter. Ever one to show his support publically for the Star Wars franchise (see: his advert for Battlefront 2), Boyega assured fans that Finn’s grudge-match with Phasma is going to be epic:

If you've ever had a crappy boss...You'll wanna see this fight...

— John Boyega (@JohnBoyega) October 10, 2017

Boyega’s choice of words here is very interesting. Finn’s time in The First Order ended promptly after The Force Awakens began, leaving fans without much knowledge of what his dynamic with Phasma was like. Judging by the content of this tweet, Phasma wasn’t exactly line manager of the year. Perhaps, in The Last Jedi, the beef between her and Finn – and the exact specifics of their shared history – will be spelled out in a bit more detail. If so, this fight could have more emotional resonance than Finn and Phasma’s Starkiller Base scenes from Episode VII.

However, as exciting as the trailer shot of Finn and Phasma coming to blows is, it doesn’t really give much away. It’s unclear where in the movie (or indeed where in the galaxy) this battle takes place, and what it’s significance is in the grander narrative. It’s known that Finn is going undercover in The First Order at some point in the movie, so it seems logical to guess that this fight is the endgame of that narrative arc. But online guesswork doesn’t always end up coming true, so you’ll have to wait for the film’s release to find out exactly what’s going on between Finn and his former boss.

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Source: John Boyega

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