Finn Recovers From Injuries In Star Wars: The Last Jedi Photo

Star Wars actor John Boyega shows off a new image of his character Finn, who looks a little worse for wear in the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

As the hype machine for Star Wars: The Last Jedi kicks into hyperspace, franchise star John Boyega shares a new behind-the-scenes photo that shows Finn recovering from injuries - presumably the ones he suffered at the end of The Force Awakens.

Helping lead 2015's Episode VII to greatness, Boyega starred alongside Daisy Ridley and Oscar Isaacs as the "new blood" in the next chapter of the Star Wars saga. Finn may have started out the movie as an unwilling drone of the First Order, but ended up as a heroic part of the Resistance by the time the credits rolled. It was always expected Finn would be a major part of The Last Jedi, but first he has some wounds to heal after he was sliced by Kylo Ren on Starkiller base.

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Taking to Instagram, the 25-year-old shared the snap above the caption "Typical Monday," which reveals Finn in a battered state:

Typical Monday

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Boyega doesn't provide further context on what is happening in the scene, but it looks to be a shot of the comatose Finn seen in the teaser trailer released during Celebration Orlando this spring. Given that The Last Jedi picks up just moments after Force Awakens, Finn's first scenes should involve him getting back on his feet after his confrontation with Kylo Ren. Some of the earliest Last Jedi rumors pointed to him wearing a bacta suit to fully recuperate, so this image is likely related to that. Finn's story in Episode VIII sees him embark on a secret undercover mission with Rose Tico and BB-8 where the infiltrate the First Order, so he'll need all the strength he can get.

There is an outside possibility these injuries were caused by Captain Phasma, as the stormtrooper leader will come to blows with her former subordinate, which was teased in the second trailer. Boyega has hyped the fight on social media, hinting that it'll be an intense affair. However, considering Finn is a participant of the Battle of Crait (flying a ski speeder in a different costume than his First Order disguise), he probably emerges from the Phasma duel relatively unscathed - save for perhaps a few cuts and bruises.

Since this is almost definitely from the beginning of the film, it will put many minds at ease as the speculate about what will become of Finn in The Last Jedi. Boyega has already been confirmed for Episode IX, so he isn't going anywhere yet and has at least one more film before his Star Wars career is over. Hopefully, he doesn't suffer any more life-threatening injuries along the way.

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