John Boyega: Star Wars 8’s Sendoff For Carrie Fisher Is ‘Amazing’

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Leia (Carrie Fisher)

Actor John Boyega, who plays our favorite stormtrooper-turned-rebel Finn in the upcoming eighth installment in the Skywalker Saga, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, opens up about the late Carrie Fisher's sendoff in her final Star Wars film.

When Fisher passed away during the end of 2016 after suffering a medical emergency, the Star Wars family and fandom was shocked, saddened and concerned about what laid ahead for the uncertain future of the franchise. While it was confirmed that Fisher had completed filming for The Last Jedi, it was uncertain whether she would somehow appear in Episode 9 until it was confirmed by Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy that Leia Organa will not be appearing in the final film in the trilogy.

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In a new interview with ABC News, Boyega reveals some new information about his role in The Last Jedi and that he will be appearing in many scenes with Fisher. Here is what he said about working with Fisher, her death and her sendoff in the new film:

"We really enjoyed each other's company. I was in Nigeria when we found out [about her death]. It was a strange, strange feeling. I felt like everyone in the cast went silent for a bit after that ... [But] this movie, it sends her off in an amazing, amazing way."

Carrie Fisher as Leia in Star Wars The Force Awakens

While Boyega revealed no information about the scenes he and Fisher are together in or how Fisher is going to say her good-bye to the Star Wars universe, we can speculate. We know that The Force Awakens ended with Finn being sliced in the back by Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) with his crossguard lightsaber, leaving him in a coma. Considering we know that Finn will finally be "a big deal" and be involved in an adventurous storyline with fellow Resistance member Rose (Kelly Marie Tran), Finn will recover from his injuries, but during his recovery we may see Finn and Leia spend some time together before he embarks with Rose (because we can't see the aged Leia running into a dangerous mission so soon after losing Han, but who knows).

There's also the question of how Leia will be written out of the trilogy. According to Kennedy, Fisher was supposed to be at the forefront of Episode 9 and that they pretty much started over with writing the film after her death, so it's still unsure just how Leia will be sent off and whether or not the much loved princess will meet a similar fate to Han Solo - or if The Last Jedi will leave her fate open ended.

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Source: ABC News

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