The Last Jedi Blu-ray Includes 14 Deleted Scenes & Director Commentary

Lucasfilm has officially announced the release date for Star Wars: The Last Jedi on digital and Blu-ray, along with details about two hours of bonus material. Now that the film has ended its box office run with $1.3 billion worldwide, many are wondering when they can bring it home to experience again. As far back as January, a rumored spring 2018 window has been public knowledge, keeping in line with the previous Disney era Star Wars movies. And it was only a week ago iTunes Store listings lent credence to those earlier reports with expected purchase dates in the middle of March.

Besides getting the opportunity to rewatch the eighth episode of the Skywalker saga, viewers have been interested in the Blu-ray because of the supplemental features - which include deleted scenes that are arguably integral to the story. Now, the full list of additional content has been revealed, and it looks like Lucasfilm didn't skimp on the disc.

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Lucasfilm released a trailer for the Last Jedi home media release, confirming it will be available on digital platforms March 13, with the physical Blu-ray coming on March 27. As is typical for major blockbuster films, retailers will be selling their own exclusive packagings for collectors. Best Buy has the Steelbook, while Target copies come with a 40-page gallery book and the bonus feature "Meet the Porgs."

Luke teaches Rey about the Force in Star Wars The Last Jedi

As for extras all versions of the Last Jedi Blu-ray will have, there's an abundance of goodies for fans to enjoy. Most notably, the disc includes 14 deleted scenes. Some of these will obviously play as filler, but there are others (like Luke's final lesson for Rey) that contain key character moments and smooth out rough edges of the plot. There's also a feature length documentary titled The Director and the Jedi that explores the making of the film with director Rian Johnson. Rounding out the collection of features are the standard behind-the-scenes featurettes breaking down various sequences, a look at Andy Serkis' Snoke portrayal pre-CGI, and Johnson's in-depth audio commentary.

Johnson's commentary track is a nice touch from Lucasfilm, illustrating they've learned from prior mistakes. Back in 2016, the studio received heavy criticism from fans for withholding J.J. Abrams' Force Awakens commentary until the 3D Blu-ray (which was released months after the 2D version). Cinephiles in particular are always fascinated to hear what directors have to say about their work, and commentaries can provide valuable insight into the creative process. Given all the controversy The Last Jedi stirred up, Johnson's commentary should be particularly interesting as he goes into greater detail about his approach.

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