Star Wars: The Last Jedi Artwork Places Rey & Kylo Ren At Forefront

New promotional artwork for Star Wars: The Last Jedi highlight Rey and Kylo Ren amongst the other heroes and villains of the movie.

New artwork from Star Wars: The Last Jedi provides fans with stylized renderings of the heroes and villains of the story. The arrival of the film’s latest theatrical trailer signaled the start of a big push for marketing as the Episode VIII premiere draws nearer and nearer. Just yesterday, a behind-the-scenes video showcased some new footage, giving viewers even more to theorize and speculate over. The next two months should be more of the same, especially as TV spots become more frequent.

Lucasfilm is also looking to ramp up their print advertising as part of the campaign, unveiling a new poster in conjunction with the trailer, as well as an IMAX display that hints Luke Skywalker could be a villain. The old Jedi remains one of the biggest mysteries moviegoers are looking to unpack, but there are no such questions about Luke’s allegiances in two new pieces of Last Jedi artwork, which provide a clear divide between good and evil.

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Twitter account Star Wars Stuff uncovered the pictures. One shows Rey clutching her lightsaber on Ahch-To, with R2-D2 and a group of Porgs with her in the grass. In the upper third, the Millennium Falcon flies through the sky, while Luke looks on in deep thought. The other goes full dark side, serving as a roll call of the film’s principal villainy (save for Supreme Leader Snoke). Kylo Ren, General Hux, and Captain Phasma are all familiar faces by now, but the image highlights two new additions to The Last Jedi - one of Snoke’s praetorian guards and an executioner stormtrooper. See them in the space below:

There aren’t any new plot details to be gleaned from these, but they’re still fun for fans to check out. If anything, they further illustrate the film’s main themes. Rey will most likely spend most of the running time on Ahch-To with Luke, learning more about her immense power and the history of the Force. She does make her way off the remote planet eventually, but that probably won’t be until near the third act. Meanwhile, the First Order collectively is on the prowl, looking to take advantage of a vulnerable Resistance and seize control of a chaotic galaxy. Kylo Ren’s commitment to the group may be in question, though at the outset he’ll be fighting with them.

Having Rey and Kylo Ren take center stage on these indicates their parallel journeys should be the main focus of The Last Jedi, as both young Force users try to find their rightful place in the universe. Rian Johnson has described the two as co-protagonists, and they’re clearly two of the most important characters in the sequel trilogy. Lucasfilm has been hammering this point home since the teaser poster back in April, allowing fans to adjust their expectations accordingly. Regardless of how the Rey/Kylo dynamic plays out, it should be compelling to see unfold.

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