Star Wars Comic Gives Lando His Own SOLO Prequel

When Han Solo first meets Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story, the card player claims he's anything but a hero. However, Lando's own comic book set directly before the film shows otherwise. Not only was Lando a killer pilot and smuggler in his early days, he helped lead a revolt and escape of Imperial slaves.

That's the story being told in the five issue miniseries Star Wars: Lando: Double or Nothing, which will come to a close with Issue #5 releasing next week. The series has marched closer and closer to the beginning of Lando's introduction in Solo with each issue, and our preview of the final issue shows the fight Lando will have to win before his story overlaps with the film.

Well, win the fight... or abandon the slaves fighting for their freedom.

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We don't mean to be pessimistic towards the finale of the story, since it would be difficult to see Lando turn his back on the Petrusian slaves he was first hired to arm with weapons, before leading them all against their Imperial jailers. But then, if Lando had nothing to learn about being a hero by the time he enters the Star Wars movie canon... his arc through the films may ring untrue to anyone who reads the comic series. For now, let's just hope for the best.

Take a look at the preview pages below:

It's possible that Lando decides to truly invest his energy and safety in helping every Petrusian slave escape - and winds up paying for it dearly. Not just financially, but emotionally, too. That would certainly explain his hesitancy to stick his neck out on principle for anyone (not for a decade or two, anyway). Wherever Lando lands on the fight for enslaved rights, it's clear that this stirring prison escape will strike a chord with L3-37. Enough to have her lead a similar rebellion for Droid and organics in Solo: A Movie Story.

We still can't guess where or how Lando: Double or Nothing will dovetail with Solo, but the cover image of the finale issue, with Lando in his Solo wardrobe, and wielding a hand of sabacc cards like the ones he is introduced through may be a hint. For now, check out a full synopsis for the issue below:

  • Published: September 19, 2018
  • Writer: Rodney Barnes
  • Art: Paolo Villanelli
  • Cover Artist: W. Scott Forbes
  • LANDO’S made his way to an ambivalent Pretusian slave force. But can he convince them to stand up against the STORMTROOPERS who now are lower in number? Will ELLTHREE temper her passions in the face of massive droid abuses? Will Lando find a good card game and say “to hell with it all”?

Lando: Double or Nothing #5 will be available September 19th, 2018 from Marvel Comics.

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