15Lando stole a ship from Emperor Palpatine

Star Wars Lando Marvel Comic Issue One

On July 8, 2015, Lando Volume #1 was released as part of a series of five Marvel comics following Calrissian’s adventures. Created by comic artist Alex Maleev and writer Charles Soule, the series takes place after A New Hope, following the

smuggler’s life (without the Falcon) before appearing in Empire Strikes Back. In an attempt to clear his past debt with crime boss Papa Toren, Calrissian takes on one more job to settle the score. Much to Lobot’s dismay, who would rather fight Toren instead, Lando reluctantly agrees and the two end up working together for one final job. They meet up with an Ugnaught named Sava Koren Pers, who has a background in mysterious antiquities and a pair of panther-like clone warriors called Aleksin and Pavol.

Lando ends up stealing a luxury yacht called The Imperialis, with the understanding that Toren will let him keep everything on board. He assumes the ship is owned by "some piece of rich Imperial scum" and intends on keeping the rare artwork and valuable collectibles inside. Little does he know that the ship is actually owned by Emperor Palpatine himself. Alerted to the ship's disappearance, the crew narrowly escapes a blockade of Imperial Star Destroyers, and Palpatine sends bounty hunter Chanath Cha to reclaim the ship. Emperor Palpatine warns her that if the mission is a failure, the ship should be destroyed. Lando soon discovers that the ship was not only filled to the brim with artwork and treasures, it even contained powerful Sith artifacts.

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