14Lando makes a vow to cure Lobot

Star Wars: Lobot

Riveting and action-packed, the Lando comics from Marvel are definitely worth a read, with one of the major highlights being a closer look at Lando’s relationship with Lobot. Although there’s not much emphasis on it within the films, Lobot’s cybernetic head piece, a AJ^6 cyborg construct,

is key to the storyline and expanded upon in the comics. In one scene from the first volume, Lando recalls the time when Lobot first got equipped with it to run battlefield calculations for the Empire, remembering that Lobot wanted to be behind a desk rather than in the field

In the films, Lobot is shown as his assistant, but in the comics we’re given a glimpse at their longstanding friendship, and the two have an interesting dynamic. Lobot acts as his voice of reason, urging Lando to quit his risky lifestyle and eventually try to settle down. This verges into spoiler territory, so skip on to the next item if you’re planning on reading the Lando comics spoiler-free. Towards the end of the series, Lobot eventually sacrifices his entire mind and personality in order to help save Lando. Our hero knows about Lobot’s past relationship with the bounty hunter Chanath Cha, and tries to convince her to stay to help him, but she refuses. In the end, Lobot leaves him a pre-recorded message, urging Lando to use his skills for good. Adding a nice layer of emotional depth for his later actions in the films, Lando makes a vow to cure his friend.

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