First Look At Toydarian Toys Available At Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

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Disney Parks are continuing to release details of their forthcoming Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge parks, with the latest reveal showcasing a selection of soft toys for kids and adults alike to spend their hard earned galactic credits on. Galaxy's Edge is a completely Star Wars themed park set to open at Disney's Florida and California locations in 2019. The parks aim to be completely immersive for guests and have been designed to take the form of a planet called Batuu - a new addition to the fictional galaxy.

As construction continues on Galaxy's Edge, details continue to drip out from the mighty Mouse House. The parks will include a cantina with musical entertainment for guests to live out their wildest Mos Eisley fantasies and one of the foremost attractions in Galaxy's Edge will have guests fly the Millennium Falcon. Reportedly, how punters perform on the Millennium Falcon ride will impact their treatment in the cantina - a feature indicative of the immersive and interactive nature of Galaxy's Edge.

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Disney Parks have now released a first look at some of the toys that will be available on street stalls within the Galaxy's Edge parks. Interestingly, the reveal promises that the vendors at these stalls won't just be your generic, ever-smiling Disney employee, but Toydarians - an alien race first seen in The Phantom Menace with Anakin's owner Watto. The toys on sale include stuffed versions of Kylo Ren, Yoda and, of course, Porgs.

Disney Parks Galaxy's Edge Toys

Although the merchandise sold within Disney Parks is often somewhat on the pricey side, it's worth remembering that your Jedi mind tricks won't work on Toydarians. With that said, they are likely to accept a game of chance if you're willing to gamble on the life of a small slave child. While the toys revealed by Disney are exactly what you might expect - and not hugely dissimilar from Star Wars items currently on sale at the parks - the fact that the stalls will be manned by Toydarians is another nice touch at Galaxy's Edge that adds to the immersive experience. Their inclusion also demonstrates that the planet of Batuu will draw from all eras of the Star Wars movies, rather than pretending the prequels never happened.

The more information is released about Disney Parks' Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, the more impressive the venture appears to be. While Star Wars fans will obviously be chomping at the bit for a ticket, Galaxy's Edge is also offering some highly unique features and promises a level of interactivity and immersion that you just don't get from Sleeping Beauty's Castle and this should help draw in guests who aren't as familiar with the Star Wars universe.

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