Go Behind-the-Scenes of Star Wars Land in New Video

Disney Star Wars Land Galaxy's Edge

Go behind the scenes of Disney's upcoming Star Wars Land, aka. the Galaxy's Edge, in a new video. When Disney first announced their acquisition of Lucasfilm and the Star Wars franchise, fans across the world were surely hoping that the partnership would one day lead to the construction of a theme park land based upon the fabled galaxy far, far away. And after an official announcement to that effect was made back in 2015, fans are finally beginning to see what the new Star Wars Land will look like.

Now officially titled Galaxy's Edge, the area will be built at both Disney's California and Florida resorts and construction on the 14 acre project has been ongoing since April 2016. This year's D23 event has revealed plenty of new insight into Galaxy's Edge, including the unveiling of a miniature model of the entire area; an early look into some of the rides and attractions that will be included; and a taste of the decor and design that will help provide an utterly immersive experience for Star Wars fans, young and old.

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Those who were unable to attend the D23 event in person now have a chance to take a closer look at the Galaxy's Edge related props and reveals, thanks to YouTube personality Jace Diehl. Jace takes his viewers on a guided tour around all of the Star Wars Land-related material on display, highlighting the Battle Escape ride, the various Star Wars vehicles and characters that will be dotted around the park, the Mos Eisley inspired instruments that musicians will be playing there and of course, the Millennium Falcon attraction.

The Galaxy's Edge park looks extremely impressive and appears to encompass elements from both the classic trilogy of films and Disney's own newer installments. As Jace himself also points out, the aesthetic of Galaxy's Edge appears to be a hybrid of various Star Wars locations including Tatooine and Endor (and you can perhaps even argue Naboo). The attention to detail Disney are adhering to in the design and construction of Galaxy's Edge is startling and walking around the park will surely be an attraction in itself, even without all the rides and experiences.

Some hardcore Star Wars fans may have been somewhat skeptical about the future of the franchise when the Mouse House purchased Lucasfilm - and although The Force Awakens was a critical and commercial success when it hit theaters (ushering in the Disney/Lucasfilm era of Star Wars), it didn't escape backlash from those who felt it was a carbon(ite) copy of A New Hope.

However, even those with a mere passing interest in the world of Star Wars can surely not help but be incredibly excited at the prospect of visiting Galaxy's Edge. Not only does it appear as if the experience will be as close as you can get to actually being a resident of the Star Wars universe but Disney are clearly working extremely hard to ensure that the park will appeal to visitors who are both lifelong Star Wars obsessives and those who don't know their Wookies from their Ewoks.

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Galaxy's Edge opens in 2019.

Source: Jace Diehl

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