20He Survived A Near-Fatal Experience As A Young Child

Though it was not solely responsible, it definitely contributed to his eventual fall to the darkness.

The novel Last Shot was written as tie-in material leading up to the release of Solo, but the novel was arguably most exciting in the scenes featuring Ben Solo as a child. Ben experienced a traumatic incident as a young child.

With Han off fighting the villainous Fyzen Gor and Leia busy

with her political work, Ben was left in the care of the kitchen droid BX-778. What was already not an ideal situation turned dangerous, as Fyzen Gor enacted his nefarious scheme where droids all across the galaxy were reprogrammed with evil intent towards the humans around them. For little Ben, this meant that the normally friendly kitchen droid picked him up by the neck with intent to mortally harm the child. Fortunately, Han helped stop Fyzen Gor's plan from going much further and saved his son's life.

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