First Set Photos for Jon Favreau's Star Wars TV Series Tease Filming Start

Set photos from Jon Favreau's live-action Star Wars TV series have arrived, with filming reportedly set to start next week. Lucasfilm is expanding the ways in which fans of the galaxy far, far away can consume content. They've dominated the big screen as of late, continue to pump out animated series, and release their usual output of novels and comics. But, it'll be Iron Man director Favreau who gets to create the first ever live-action Star Wars TV series. Lucasfilm hasn't confirmed much about the series, but it'll debut on Disney's streaming service late next year.

Favreau is producing and writing the series for Disney and Lucasfilm, and given the expected fall 2019 release, filming was expected to begin this year. However, there's been hardly any information about the series to this point, only rumors that it will be focused on the Mandalorians.

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Lucasfilm and Favreau have quickly and quietly been gearing up for the start of production, as Making Star Wars has been told that cameras start rolling next week. This report comes along with the site sharing photos of sets being built for the series, which are designed by The Jungle Book production designers Doug Chiang and Andrew L. Jones. Favreau can be seen in one of the close-up photos, and the set being constructed may be Tatooine, based on the building structures and the sand-covered ground.

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If filming really is going to begin next week, then some major news is surely on the horizon. There's been no reports about a cast for Favreau's series, and it would be quite difficult to start filming without one. Since Making Star Wars doesn't offer up an exact start date for the show, the first scenes could be filmed as early as Monday or as late as Friday or Saturday. Either way, a casting announcement has to be on the horizon that will finally reveal who will be starring in Favreau's series.

When the casting is revealed, hopefully Lucasfilm will confirm more details like the story, a synopsis, actual character details, and the official title. Favreau previously confirmed that the series takes place between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, so fans at least have some context for what state Mandalore and the rest of the galaxy are in. Lucasfilm also isn't doing this series cheaply, with an expected budget north of $100 million for the first season. If there's already photos from the undisclosed set prior to filming beginning, there's a chance that more leaks will come next week. Whether the next piece of news regarding the live-action Star Wars series is official or leaked, fans should know more very soon.

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Source: Making Star Wars

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