Meet The Jedi Who Turned Order 66 Against The Sith

Warning: SPOILERS for Darth Vader #17

The Star Wars movies showed "Order 66" used to wipe out the Jedi, but one Jedi survivor has just turned it against the Empire. The scale is nowhere near the same, with the command given by Chancellor Palpatine in Episode III - Revenge of the Sith to being the great Jedi Purge. Still... revenge is revenge.

The moment arrives in our exclusive preview of Darth Vader #17, the current comic following Anakin Skywalker's earliest years as Palpatine's apprentice. As Anakin works to subdue all lightness of the man that he once was, Palpatine works to fortify his Galactic Empire into the ruthless machine it will become.

So when a Jedi survivor on Mon Cala leading a resistance to the Empire, it's Vader who is sent to handle the issue.

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Previous issues have revealed this Jedi survivor to be Ferren Barr, a Padawan at the time of the Purge who survived in secret to find refuge beneath the surface of Mon Cala. There he also found favor with the king of the aquatic race, as well as a small group of Force-Sensitives he gathered to his cause. And as mentioned before, the entire operation has now come to Darth Vader's attention.

Issue #16 ended with Grand Moff Tarkin requesting Vader's assistance in capturing the planet's king, leaving his Inquisitorius (former Jedi turned to the Emperor's cause) to track down Ferren Barr and his disciples. Now, our preview shows what happens when Vader's soldiers corner the Jedi... and hear "Order 66" enacted once again.

Take a look at the preview pages below:

The preview of Darth Vader #17 is unique for not including its titular hero at all, but witnessing the death of one of the Empire's Inquisitorius is a good consolation prize (farewell Tenth Brother, you will not be missed). Whether the treachery of Sixth Brother will cost Ninth Sister more than her leg remains to be seen, but if she manages to survive... well, we wouldn't give her attacker the same odds.

As for the fate of Ferren Barr, his departing words of a coming battle likely tie into the cover art for the issue, depicting Barr and Vader engaged in a lightsaber duel upon the storm-swept surface of Mon Cala. He seems determined to avenge his fallen Jedi, so who knows, maybe he actually will succeed in defeating Darth Vader after all! Or at the very least, leave a mark that makes Vader's story even more interesting, so many years after it officially started and finished.

Check out a full synopsis for the issue:

DARTH VADER (2018) #17

Published: June 13, 2018

Writer: Charles Soule

Art: Giuseppe Camuncoli

Cover Artist: Elia Bonetti, Giuseppe Camuncoli

As the remnants of the Mon Cala resistance crumble into the seas, Vader and his Inquisitors finally confront the Jedi survivor at its core. The seas will weep…

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Darth Vader #17 will be available from Marvel Comics on June 13, 2018.

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