Star Wars: Orange Lightsabers Are Now Canon

Jedi Fallen Order Orange Lightsaber

Lightsaber blades in Star Wars have come in many colors over the years, but it’s taken until now for them to be canonically available in orange. The most common color of lightsaber blades have been blue and green for the Jedi and red for the Sith and Dark Jedi, a choice initially made in post production of A New Hope when the weapons’ reflective rods were rotoscoped with different colors to make them stand out against each other in duels.

Other colors have cropped up over the years, such as in The Clone Wars when Ahsoka Tano began using a shorter shoto lightsaber as an off-hand weapon its blade was yellow, then later in Rebels when she unveiled exactly how far she’s levelled up in the 15 years since she left the Jedi, dual-wielding a pair of pure white lightsabers as she kerb-stomps the Inquisitors Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister in a fight defending Kanan, Ezra and Zeb. The most significant departure was in Attack of the Clones where Mace Windu wields a purple lightsaber, on account of Samuel L Jackson’s desire to stand out in the frantic melee of the First Battle of Geonosis, and the characters he plays in films often incorporating purple somewhere in their costume or props due to it being his favorite color.

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The use of the second color of the rainbow was unveiled on the Twitter feed of EA Star Wars as a pre-order incentive for the upcoming Jedi: Fallen Order, an action adventure game set in the aftermath of Revenge of the Sith where you control Cal Kestis, a padawan who survived Order 66 and ends up on the run from the Empire after his identity is discovered.

The orange blade is one of a few incentives to pre-order the game. Also included are special lightsaber hilts for campaigns on Umbara (featured in a four-episode arc in season 4 of The Clone Wars where the Jedi and Separatists battle for control of the strategic planet) and Mygeeto (fought over for the entirely of the Clone War and featured in the climax of Revenge of the Sith), as well as skin for BD-1, Cal’s droid companion whose appearance is not entirely dissimilar to WALL-E.

It might seem a small detail, but aesthetics are important when being able to customize a gaming avatar. While the offer pales in comparison to the myriad colors and hilts available when Star Wars games were still published by LucasArts, it’s at least a small concession to customization. It’s been stated that Jedi: Fallen Order will be free of microtransactions, but with many people still feeling burned by Battlefront II and its indefensible pay-to-win design, the option of an orange blade may be too little too late.

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