Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order EA Play Gameplay Demo Unleashes The Force

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Lightsaber Battle

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay footage has finally arrived. Respawn Entertainment's Star Wars game was given the spotlight at the EA Play event for E3 2019, and Jedi: Fallen Order now looks like a much more finite prospect for Star Wars fans. The lengthy gameplay demo answers a lot of questions ahead of Jedi: Fallen Order's release in November.

First announced at E3 2018 in an off-the-cuff comment from Respawn's Vince Zampella, Jedi: Fallen Order has since received a fair amount of extra detail. Most of this came during Star Wars Celebration 2019, where the title received its first cinematic trailer outlining the basis of its plot. Star Wars fans were intrigued, and the wait was on for gameplay footage.

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This gameplay footage was promised for E3 2019 by EA, and thankfully the event itself didn't disappoint. As the first game getting a major showcase during the EA Play event, Jedi: Fallen Order got its gameplay reveal debut. The unedited gameplay footage in question can be seen below.

Respawn's  Stig Asmussen and Vince Zampella were on hand to also provide plenty of context for the gameplay. The gameplay takes place on Kashyyyk, the Wookiee home planet which is being stripped of resources for the Imperial war machine. Cal is sent in by Forest Whitaker's Saw Gerrera, first sneaking through the natural jungle before breaking into an Imperial refinery, showcasing his lightsaber abilities and force powers against Imperial forces and Kashyyyk's nature alike as things take a turn to the chaotic.

All in all, it gives players a much better idea of how Jedi: Fallen Order is going to look, particularly with melee combat against Inquisition forces. At times reminiscent of classic Star Wars games like the Jedi Knight titles, should Jedi: Fallen Order match how it looks in this gameplay footage when the title releases then fans may be in for a treat. Of course, it also needs to fix the mistakes of some of the other classics from the Star Wars gaming past.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order takes place in the time between the Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, in the dark period where the Empire is hunting down any remaining Jedi. Cal Ketsis, played by Gotham's Cameron Monaghan, is a Jedi Padawan who survived Palpatine's Order 66 and has had to hide his true identity to stay alive. When forced into action, however, he is hunted by the Inquisition and thrown into an adventure of his own. Jedi: Fallen Order releases on November 15 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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