What Jedi: Fallen Order Needs To Learn From Classic Star Wars Games

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Cal With Lightsaber

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order received a major reveal at Star Wars Celebration 2019. Developer Respawn Entertainment showed off not only the debut story trailer for the game, but also confirmed several details about the project, including an overview of the game. The game follows a Jedi Padawan named Cal in the wake of Order 66, and will be a single player, microtransaction-free experience that releases on November 15.

This means that Jedi: Fallen Order follows in the footsteps of some classic titles from the Star Wars video game library. The best Star Wars games have fallen under this bracket in some way, whether it be the stunning RPGs of Knights of the Old Republic or the long-running Jedi Knight action series following Kyle Katarn. After all, there have certainly been some fantastic Star Wars games along the way.

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Some of these classics could give Respawn some guidance for what works - and what doesn't work - when it comes to Star Wars in games. Here are some examples of what Respawn could learn through looking at those games that have come before.

Make Lightsaber Combat The Priority

Star Wars Jedi Academy Gameplay

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order put players in the role of Cal, a Jedi Padawan played by Gotham's Cameron Monaghan. A game where the main character is a Jedi lives or dies on its ability to recreate lightsaber combat, and in the history of Star Wars games those Jedi-centric action titles that failed to deliver in lightsaber duels tend to struggle in general.

This is easier said than done. Games like Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy had extremely memorable combat, with fights against Sith and Imperial Remnant forces seen by many as a highlight. Meanwhile, the occasional clunky moment in The Force Unleashed games meant that they never quite reached the level of acclaim that they could have achieved otherwise.

Combat is at the forefront of Respawn Entertainment's work on Jedi: Fallen Order. As part of the discussion of the game, the studio explained at Jedi: Fallen Order will include "thoughtful combat" that will test the skills and patience of the players. So far, no gameplay has been shown, but if Respawn can get this nailed down then it will be a very positive step.

Mix It Up With Varied Force Powers

Star Wars Jedi Outcast Force Lightning

Throughout Star Wars video game history, the Jedi have played an extremely important role when it comes to playable characters. Whether it’s the facsimile of Luke Skywalker seen in Super Star Wars or player-created characters in The Old Republic, playing as a Jedi has always been a tantalizing prospect. A big part of the allure is the ability to use those trademark Force powers, whether mind tricks and healing or the more destructive (and fun) pushes and lightning.

Jedi: Fallen Order will include these powers, as confirmed by Respawn Entertainment and shown in the Star Wars Celebration trailer, but the game does put players into a situation where the developer could deliver something new. Cal is inexperienced and doesn’t appear to have finished his training, meaning there’s surely a possibility that such powers could at the very least put a strain on the young Padawan. On top of that, his need to hide such powers from the Inquisition could make for an interesting mechanic, where the player needs to be mindful of where these powers are used.

Most importantly, though, Respawn needs to recreate that thrill of using these powers, particularly as Cal grows stronger and the Force powers become more integral to gameplay. Pushing a squad of Purge Troopers off an ill-placed, rail-free walkway or leaping away to escape from the Second Sister should be some of the most exciting elements of Jedi: Fallen Order, as typified by other classics. Should Respawn nail these mechanics, then it will go a long way to making the game an excellent one.

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