20 Jaw-Dropping Star Wars Cosplayers Who Look Just Like Their Characters

When Star Wars premiered in 1977, revolutionized blockbusters and the fandoms that grew around them. One of the most creative and impressive outlets through which fans express their enthusiasm is cosplay.

Even before Star Wars lit up the merchandizing machines and imaginations of people everywhere, cosplayers were recreating the costumes of their favorite characters and gathering in character to celebrate their shared love of any series they chose.

Star Wars has become one of the most popular series for cosplays in the world, even boasting international organizations dedicated to Star Wars cosplay.

The galaxy far, far away offers so many different characters to cosplay, and so much lore that fans can do original or generic cosplays that are still recognizable as being from Star Wars. There are so many different types of wish fulfilment fantasies that Star Wars offers.

In this list we’ve collected some of the most elaborate, most accurate and most creative cosplays of Star Wars characters out there. They run the gambit from exhaustive recreations to striking gender-benders to themed group cosplays.

No matter what you love most about Star Wars, you’re bound to find the cosplays you’re looking for among these 20 Jaw-Dropping Star Wars Cosplayers Who Look Just Like Their Characters.

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The descendant of Bastila Shan and Revan, Satele Shan rose to become the Grand Master of the Jedi Order during the Great Galactic War between the Republic and the Sith Empire.

She was known as a formidable Jedi Master and as a committed mentor and presided over the Order through many tumultuous years.

In this collaborative cosplay worn by @ahsokatattoo, Satele is brought to life with a bit of extra regal flair. Complete with her robes, armor plates, white braided hair and double bladed lightsaber, Satele sits in an imposing high backed chair like a throne.

The team at @sublimelightworks have done a marvelous job not only putting all the pieces together for this cosplay but arranging this shot to make this already impressive character more impressive.


Slave Leia is without a doubt one of the most popular Star Wars cosplays, both to do and to see. Plenty of cosplayers even adopt the signature metal bikini and skirt into other characters or combine it with other features, including everything from Disney princesses to comic book heroines.

However, this original Slave Leia by Victoria Schmidt of @scruffyrebel is a real standout. With an authentic looking vibroaxe in hand, she looks gorgeous and ready to skewer any Hutt that would keep her in chains.

With the braid, Schmidt looks near enough to a double for Carrie Fisher as she appeared in Return of the Jedi while a captive of Jabba. The iconic bikini shown in the picture was produced by Dragonfyre Designs and the photography is by @vintagepinups.


Rey hasn’t had a chance to make as big an impact as Slave Leia, but her Jakku scavenger outfit has exploded in popularity among cosplayers nonetheless.

There’s an aura about Rey in that outfit that reflects her confidence at handling herself in the wastes of Jakku. Cosplayer @faerie_blossom captures that confidence immediately in the photo above by @eosandy_.

The side by side comparison with Daisy Ridley in character as Rey lets you see just how much attention to detail went in to this cosplay, especially with the goggles that lay over the character’s forehead.

Not for nothing, but faerie_blossom says the outfit is comfortable as well. The lighting in @eosandy’s photograph definitely helps tinge the costume to look even more similar to the costume from the movie.


Every one’s favorite new angsty Sith fanboy from The Force Awakens sports a distinctive look with his grim-faced mask and his cross-guard temperamental lightsaber.

Kylo Ren seems to be just as popular a cosplay among women as men. The costume isn’t restrictive like his grandfather’s armor and Kylo’s long unkempt hair means that plenty of ladies can rock their locks in the cosplay too.

That is certainly the case with @rachelannamonahan. Gazing into the camera with her lightsaber arcing forth in the frame and her helmet in hand by her side, Rachel plays the part well. Her full black hair almost looks like Kylo’s usual hood that covers his head.

The pose in the picture may not be as dramatic but Rachel’s expression echoes the characters’ moments of quieter menace. The photography is by lizagillettephotography.


When Padme Amidala served as Queen of Naboo, she had some of the most elaborate regalia of any character in the Star Wars prequels. Or at least her decoy did. Her outfits had layers of finely detailed fabric topped with spectacular headpieces.

The costume featured in this photo by @skycosplays comes from the earlier Queen Amidala scenes in Phantom Menace. She wears this outfit during the iconic shot when she stares forlornly out into the streets of Naboo from the palace as the Trade Federation is marching into the city.

However, Sky looks just chipper in this photo by @floridasupercon, especially with the toy lightsaber held aloft. The furr-like trimmings along the hems are particularly impressive and the headdress and make up are spot on.


Darth Maul was the first in a new wave of iconic Star Wars villains introduced in the prequels. Not only did he introduce a new species to the Star Wars big screen, he is still the most famous Star Wars character to ever wield a dual saber.

In his earliest scenes, we don’t even get to see his Zabrak horns. Instead we see him leering out from under his conspicuous black hood typical for Sith.

When it comes to @asmallvarietyofboxturtle and her version of Maul, it’s not necessarily the most technically impressive. But the real jaw dropping aspect is in the before and after comparison.

Seeing the makeup and the hood and the pale yellow contacts right next to the “normal” face of boxturtle makes the cosplay all the more striking.


The brilliant Chiss strategist Grand Admiral Thrawn was one of the most popular Imperial characters from the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Since he premiered on Star Wars Rebels he has officially immigrated to the new canon and he’s proven to be just as cunning as ever.

This version of Thrawn by @ale_onrati92 looks pulled straight out of the TV show. There are even makeup contours along the face to give the same impression of the imposing features of Thrawn’s face.

Of course, the scarlet red eyes of his Chiss race make the whole cosplay pop. These particular contacts are red semisclera supplied by @circlelensstore.

The Imperial officer uniform is also spot on from the cartoon, including the gold epaulets, the primary color imperial rank buttons and the utility pockets.


Ahsoka Tano has been a central character to the two major animated Star Wars TV shows, Clone Wars and Rebels.

At first she was a padawan learner to Anakin Skywalker, but she managed to survive throughout the rise of the Empire and help the Rebellion in their resistance. Eventually she joins Ezra Bridger’s gang and confronts her former master transformed into Darth Vader.

@ahsoka94’s cosplay of Rebellion era Ahsoka is a marvelous likeness. The proud striped Togrutan montals are an especially impressive headpiece, much more pronounced than what we saw of her in the Clone Wars era.

The armor reflects Ahsoka’s growth as a warrior and as a force wielder. Thanks to the lighting by @fotomania82, even Ahsoka’s dual white lightsabers stand out. It’s an excellent cosplay for any #tanotuesday or #togrutatuesday.


Stormtroopers are one of the quintessential Star Wars cosplays, despite not being especially impressive in the movies. They have been built up by the extended universe to be more than faceless mooks for the heroes to dispatch; they are now one of the most popular fantasies to exhibit with cosplay.

No group of Star Wars cosplayers embody this fantasy more than the 501st Legion. They are a real life organization of Star Wars cosplayers dedicated to inhabiting Imperial personas, particularly Stormtroopers.

While Stormtrooper costumes may not be the most elaborate, the 501st members of the Canadian Garrison have put on quite a display in this beach shoot for @official501st.

The background is sufficiently obscured of objects from “our galaxy” to serve as a backdrop taken right from the scenes in Rogue One on Scarif.


The Sith are some of the coolest looking villains out there. All in black, with armor or masks and glowing red lightsabers, they exude power and menace, from Darth Vader to Darth Maul. Maul in particular inspired plenty of original cosplayers, looking to put their own spin on the image of Sith.

Many different artists of different disciplines contributed pieces to this cosplay of an original female Zabrak Sith character by @miss_sinister.

With the prosthetic horns, the body paint, the outfit, and the red double bladed lightsaber the impression of the whole is truly jaw dropping.

The red detailing in the different parts of the worn costume themselves is especially great, complementing the sash and the saber. Sinister looks ready to slay anyone who gets in her way.


Stormtrooper cosplays aren’t the only cosplays @official50st shares. The cosplayer and 501st member designated BH-31100 of the Georgia Garrison has put on this stunning cosplay of Boba Fett in a so called superhero landing pose. We hope he didn’t have to hold that pose for too long, we hear it can be murder on your knees.

Boba Fett was the most famous bounty hunter in the galaxy during the era of the Empire and for long after. His ferocity and determination are captured in this photo, as well as every detail of his exhaustive arsenal.

Dented helmet, Mandalorian shoulder pads, tattered half cape, jet pack with rocket launcher, wrist mounted ordinance, and of course the modified EE-3 blaster carbine with stock strap-- all locked and loaded in this jaw dropping cosplay.


Twi’leks have a rich history and a vibrant culture, but unfortunately they are mostly seen throughout the galaxy as servants or slaves.

Their multitudes of bright skin colors and their sensual head tendrils called lekku make them highly prized beings for any looking to display their status. We saw what became of one unfortunate Twi’lek slave when Jabba grew greedy with her.

Fortunately, nobody is holding @bangbangneko’s Slave Twi’lek cosplay by the chain or feeding her to a rancor, and she does look spectacular. Her skirt, her top and her headdress are adorned head to toe with fine metal work and jewels.

The lekku are perfectly matched to Neko’s skin tone and the headdress makes the connection to the lekku seamless. Even the tattoo along Neko’s left arm matches the cosplay aesthetically.


The history between the Empire and the Mandalorians has been defined by grudging cooperation. But some Mandalorian clans have found themselves exploited by the Empire. Wren was one such clan.

Sabine Wren was training at the Imperial academy on Mandalore before she realized how the Empire was using her weapons against her people. She fled her home and her clan and joined Hera Syndulla’s rebel cell. Eventually she would return and help free her people from the Empire’s heel.

@kittiecosplay’s version of Sabine Wren pops with the characters distinctive colored armor, photgraphed by @danielryanfotos. Her famous starbird designed is emblazoned on her breastplate in precisely the same spot as it appears in the cartoon.

Kittie also went the extra mile to include plenty of blue and yellow in her hair while her impressive helmet is off.

7 K-2SO 

K-2SO was an Imperial droid captured by the Rebel agent Cassian Andor and reprogramed to serve the Rebellion. His reprogramming gave him a hilariously deadpan and sarcastic sense of humor, but his devotion to his Rebel friends and allies proved to be absolute.

The Empire made K-2SO’s series of droids quite physically imposing, standing head and shoulders above most Stormtroopers.

To achieve this towering recreation, @drscifi’s cosplay is functionally more like a puppet than an actual costume. The chassis of the droid is mounted on a frame that connects to drscifi at the shoulders and feet behind the droid itself.

This lets the droid appear to walk and move its arms at the command of the good doctor. Perhaps he can give you a fresh smack on the nose if you mouth off again.


The rancor from Return of the Jedi is a Star Wars creature you don’t see cosplayed every day. It could be because the monster was created and filmed mostly with CGI enhanced puppets in the actual movie and a cosplay would be incredibly difficult to recreate to scale.

However, cosplayer @0fish0 has made one awe inspiring attempt. It isn’t 5 meters tall, but the level of detail and the sophistication of the suit itself are more than praiseworthy.

The collage of photos show the various stages of the construction of the cosplay. Fisher can also be seen inside the suit with the face module removed and standing outside the suit for a better idea of the scale.

It looks as though every last gnarly detail from the film was included from the wrinkled skin to the uneven teeth.


Darth Malgus was the star of the trio of animated cinematic shorts that lead up to the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic. He fought on the front lines throughout the Great Galactic War and was a maverick in the Sith Empire for eschewing the insidious politics that most Sith played in.

Assaj Ventress also grew into a fearsome warrior among the Sith, trained by Count Dooku as his apprentice. Her allies and motivations would shift multiple times over the course of the Clone Wars.

Both of the famous Sith are brought to chilling life by Julian Checkley of @order66effects and Ventress’s countenance is achieved by a silicone mask that really conveys her stark Dathomirian features.

Checkley is just as intimidating as Malgus was in his debut shorts. His armor as all the wear and tear you would expect from a Sith war veteran.


Ahsoka Tano, Obi-wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker in the Clone Wars were the central trio of protagonists to a whole new generation of young Star Wars fans.

Together, they braved many dangerous missions to preserve the Republic and raise Tano to become a great Jedi Knight.

Both of @mikesabula and @aaronriven are quite convincing as Obi-wan and Anakin respectively. Even from a profile angle, their makeup and Jedi robes are spot on, at least from the films if not the TV show. But @minakess as young Ahsoka Tano is the real standout.

Front and center, she exudes the same plucky confidence that Ahsoka repeatedly showed during the Clone Wars. Because Ahsoka’s padawan robes are more minimalistic it means that more body paint has to be used to keep her Togruta skin tone consistent.


In the vast, harsh deserts of Tattooine, the violent and enigmatic Tusken Raiders pose a threat to any travelers in their path or in their territory.

In A New Hope, a band of Tusken Raiders set upon Luke Skywalker, C-3PO and R2-D2. They would have stripped Luke’s landspeeder bare and left him for dead if Obi-wan Kenobi hadn’t intervened.

In this photoshoot by @jaribasphoto, the Tusken Raider cosplay by @familyof4cosplay looks just as intimidating as the bandits from the films. The use of lighting and shadow makes the features of the mask and the robes and the gaffi stick look that much richer.

The mask is especially frightening with the lenses and the breather protruding forth from the folded robes covering the rest of the cosplayer’s head.


General Grievous was originally a Kaleesh warrior who voluntarily underwent extensive cybernetic enhancement to improve his combat capabilities. His entire body was transformed except for his brain and a few other vital organs.

Count Dooku recruited Grievous for the Confederacy of Independent Systems and he rose through the ranks to become Supreme Commander of the Droid Army. Despite not being Force sensitive, he slew dozens of Jedi during the Clone Wars and collected their lightsabers as trophies.

His uncanny menace is perfectly captured in this cosplay by @stormtrooperbusiness. Unlike some other General Grievous cosplays that make the arms and legs into puppet controlled apparatuses, it looks as though this cosplay lets the wearer control Grievous’s hands with their own. This way he can gesture to himself and wield a lightsaber.


Now these are definitely the droids you are looking for. C-3PO and R2-D2 have appeared in every live action Star Wars movie and played vital roles in the success of the heroes.

In A New Hope, their ship carrying Princess Leia and the stolen Death Star plans was set upon by the Empire and the two droids escaped. When C-3PO and R2-D2 were stranded on Tattooine, it tested the limits of their tetchy friendship.

But as C-3PO and R2-D2 respectively, @oniksiya-sofinikum and @adamae_dono don’t looked too concerned about making it out of the deserts of Tattooine. Even without looking at the camera, they are providing some incredible angles for inspection.

This lovely droid pinup shoot was presented by @s_g_g_p in honor of May the Fourth be With You, 2017.


Do you think these cosplayers look just like their characters? Do you know of any other amazing Star Wars cosplayers? Let us know in the comment section!

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