Star Wars: How Jar Jar Binks Officially Saved The Rebellion

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Wars: Age of Republic Special

Jar Jar Binks may be the worst Star Wars character for critics (and even fans) of the prequel trilogy, but the new, completely canon comic books just made him a hero of the Clone Wars... even wielding a Jedi lightsaber in combat.

As hard as it may be to believe that the controversial Gungan cut down Droid soldiers with the Jedi weapon (an honor not claimed by Padme Amidala, or countless other supporting heroes) the scene really did happen in the official story of the Star Wars saga. In fact, Jar Jar - the Gungan so clumsy his own people exiled him - doesn't just get his own hero moment. He's the sole reason why a Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels fan favorite even survived the war.

The Death of a Jedi, Laan Tik

The new twist to Jar Jar's story comes courtesy of the Star Wars: Age of Republic Special, a collection of stories set in and around the Prequel films. While other tales explored heroes in their own corners of the galaxy far, far away, Jar Jar Binks' short story finds him in the middle of combat between Clones and Separatist Droids. As the story soon makes clear, Jar Jar was brought to this particular front line for his ability to translate. Instead, he's running in circles and shrieking as he does in most situations.

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The story also adds another Jedi Knight to the Star Wars mythology in the form of General Laan Tik. Before readers find out how the Jedi views the floppy-eared Senator from Naboo, he is shot down in combat. But judging by Jar Jar's response - kneeling at his side, and declaring his death "muy muy bombad" - he was kinder than many prequel trolls. But with Laan Tik dead, Jar Jar Binks is suddenly commanding the soldiers.

Jar Jar Realizes He's Become a Joke

Before any fans get worried that Jar Jar Binks will singlehandedly doom an entire platoon of Clone Soldiers, we should clarify that the troops are led by Captain Rex, one of the most distinguished leaders highlighted in the animated Clone Wars series. And since he lives to return in Star Wars: Rebels, and survives to fight in the Battle of Endor, we know this deployment won't kill him no matter what Jar Jar does. Unfortunately, as Rex orders his lieutenants to ensure Jar Jar's safety as they make their retreat, an offhand comment states what everyone knows: the biggest danger to Jar Jar is his own clumsiness. And Jar Jar is close enough to overhear it.

No matter how you feel about the character, the artwork is enough to show this is on the harsh side. So as Jar Jar Binks is left to soak in the sadness of how he's seen by the soldiers, Rex makes a dangerous, one-man run at the nearby shield generators pivotal to the mission. And finds himself staring down the barrels of a Droid Squadron with no hope of escape. Well, not until a Jedi arrives...

Captain Rex Gets Rescued... By a Jedi?

We're willing to accept that on his own, and surrounded by dozens of Battle Droids, even Captain Rex could be overwhelmed. So as the blaster bolts drop him to the ground, he makes peace with the fate coming to him (after all, he doesn't know he's still got years of service to the Republic and the Rebellion that follows to look forward to). But just as the Droids surround him and prepare to fire, they are sliced through by an unseen weapon, in the hands of an unseen attacker.

The signature blue swipe and "NNNNUUUNN" sound all point to a Jedi Knight. But the truth is far, far harder to believe. It's a moment worth picking up the issue to see in person, but for those unconcerned with SPOILERS, keep reading for the reveal...

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