Star Wars: Imperial Military Personnel Stories

(This article was written by Screen Rant guest contributor Tim Keyes).

Browsing around my usual list of websites today I was fortunate enough to stumble upon what I can honestly say is the highest quality and most entertaining fan film ever produced for Star Wars. Going by the name of Imperial Military Personnel Stories, or IMPS for short, its tagline reads "The Most Epic Documentary... of the Best Damn Job in the Galaxy."

A feature length film is being released in chapters and they first started work on it in 1999. Upon seeing this, it immediately called to mind another, shorter fan film, Troops. This short was basically a COPS-based stormtrooper parody that detailed the events of Star Wars: A New Hope on Tatooine from the perspective of the stormtroopers. As it turns out, it's the same people who were responsible for TROOPS that created IMPS and this was originally set to be a sequel to Troops, with a much larger cast and support of course.

IMPS is a documentary, following the men and women of the Revenge-Class Heavy Carrier "Relentless" and its battlegroup as they traverse Imperial space maintaining law and order. The ships and vehicles are done in CGI and many of them are of original design, but the core of the film is on its live-action Imperial service men and women. The props are top notch, and while the CGI is clearly CGI, it is pretty good quality, especially for an independent fan film. To top it off, the film is narrated by non other than Peter Cullen, aka, Optimus Prime. Cullen provides excellent description of the battlegroup's role in maintaining peace and order in the Empire, as they chase down rebels and the criminal element intent on tearing it apart.

A teaser for the film can be found here:

Now for the good/bad news: the first chapter was released way back in 2005 and after thought, many thought it was dead. But the second chapter came out only a week ago so, while slow, the project is alive. Given that they have limited people and resources to do the effects, and that it's done freely in their spare time, they can hardly be blamed for taking so long in getting it out. We can only hope they get extra help so the next chapter can be released sooner rather then later.

You should definitely watch TROOPS, you can watch this video and download it here in higher resolution:


Head to the IMPS site  at to check it out and share your thoughts here.

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