The "I'm Han Solo" Song Might Be The Low-Point Of All Star Wars

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While the franchise has faced some dips over the years, here's why the song "I'm Han Solo" is Star Wars' lowest point. Fox had two potential blockbusters on their hands in 1977; one was Star Wars and the other was Damnation Alley. The studio actually had much more faith in the latter, which was based on the cult sci-fi novel. While Damnation Alley went on to be a cult film it was a box-office bomb upon release, while Star Wars became a cultural phenomenon.

Many actors auditioned for the role of Han Solo, including Kurt Russell, Al Pacino, and Sylvester Stallone (Rambo V: Last Blood). Harrison Ford eventually landed the role and while he was a relative unknown at the time he had previously worked with George Lucas on American Graffiti. Ford would go on to become a major star, playing the lead in the Indiana Jones franchise, Blade Runner, Clear And Present Danger, and many others. He later returned to reprise Han for J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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In addition to the Star Wars movies and cartoon shows, the franchise also receives robust merchandise sales. Just about everything has been turned into a Star Wars product at some point in the last 40 years, from a Darth Vader yoga mat to the infamous Jar Jar Tongue Sucker. There have been some downright embarrassing tie-ins, but possibly the lowest point of the entire franchise is the "I'm Han Solo" song from video game Kinect Star Wars.

Kinect Star Wars is an Xbox 360 title that made use of the console's Kinect motion control peripheral. The game came with a number of modes, including Jedi Destiny and Galactic Dance-Off. Like the title implies, Dance-Off finds players copying dance moves from franchise characters. The songs used in this mode are also given Star Wars-themed makeovers, with "Genie In A Bottle" becoming "Princess In A Battle" and Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" transforming into "Hologram Girl." There's nothing that matches the sheer awfulness of "I'm Han Solo," however, which is a parody of Jason Derulo's "Ridin' Solo."

This section finds Han dancing to "I'm Han Solo" in The Empire Strikes Back's Carbonite chamber, with the song containing lyrics like "No Jabba to answer to / Ain't a fixture in a palace zoo / And since that carbonite's off me / I'm living life now that I'm free." While this dance section was clearly intended to be a fluffy little mini-game, it's so utterly tone-deaf and badly executed it can't even be enjoyed ironically.

Apparently, Galactic Dance-Off was added to Kinect Star Wars at the last minute, with Microsoft having acquired the license to a number of songs for another dance game that was canceled; it was decided to add a dance section to Star Wars to make use of them. "I'm Han Solo" became infamous among fans almost immediately, and alongside the Star Wars Holiday Special, the song is commonly regarded as a nadir for the series. It was used to pretty funny effect in a fan-edited trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story and has since become something of a meme, so it didn't go totally to waste.

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