Hasbro Unveils Star Wars SDCC 2018 Exclusive Black Series Toys

Hasbro unveils two new Star Wars Black Series products that they'll sell exclusively on the San Diego Comic-Con show floor this year.

Lucasfilm is skipping Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con this year, but Hasbro is still bringing some Star Wars exclusives with them to the convention. In just about a month (as of this writing), pop culture fans will convene in California for another Comic-Con, attending various panels on their favorite properties. In addition to learning all the latest developments about upcoming projects, people will be curious to see what kind of merchandise is available for purchase. Whenever something as massive as Comic-Con is involved, there are usually some fun convention exclusives.

Star Wars is coming off a busy six months that saw the release of two films: The Last Jedi and Solo. With those movies at the forefront of everyone's mind still, Hasbro has taken the opportunity to feature characters from these movies in their latest Black Series exclusives, which will be available at Comic-Con this year.

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First up is a centerpiece set depicting Rey and Kylo Ren's climactic lightsaber duel on Starkiller base from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It will be sold at booth #3329 on the SDCC show floor and sports a retail price $109.99. If one is unable to pick up this item at Comic-Con, it will be sold at select conventions and retailers afterwards. You can check out an image of it in the space below:

For the second exclusive, Hasbro is taking fans back to the original trilogy days with a combo pack that includes Han Solo and a mynock. It is modeled after the sequence from The Empire Strikes Back where Han, Leia, and Chewbacca deal with a swarm of the creatures before realizing the "cave" they're in is actually a space slug. This set is also being sold at both #3329 and has a retail price of $34.99. Like the Rey/Kylo Ren centerpiece, this product is going to be sold at certain conventions and retailers post-SDCC. See an image of the item in the space below:

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