Star Wars Comic Delivers Han Solo/Poe Dameron Team-Up

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Wars: Poe Dameron Annual #2

Han Solo and Poe Dameron never met in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but a new canon comic shows they did work together before the movie began - and how Han and Chewie were secretly looking out for Leia and her Resistance.

That second twist isn't a shock, since the new Star Wars films made it clear Han and Leia never stopped loving one another. But in Star Wars: Poe Dameron Annual #2, seeing the proof is sure to hit a soft spot for the longtime fans. Not to mention the confirmation that Han was also looking out for his successor as the Rebels’ new hot-shot pilot, Poe Dameron.

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Harrison Ford and Oscar Isaac didn't get to share a scene that was all their own, but the comics do the next best thing.

The Star Wars comics have been filling in a few gaps in the movies recently, like explaining where Poe's X-wing fighters were during Last Jedi. But more often than not, a comic book Annual is used to tell one-off, self-contained, and usually fan-pleasing short stories. That's the case in Poe Dameron too, with Leia sending her star pilot and his Black Squadron on a different kind of top secret mission than fans are used to.

The job? To intercept a deal between a black market trader named Mek Nu’Tiv and the First Order. Exactly what it is that Mek is selling to the Resistance's enemy isn't clear - only that it's old, may contain “ancient superweapon blueprints,” and will be of incredible value due to the precious metals it's cast from. It's a target as vague as the logic behind C-3PO now planning heists, but Poe only needs to hear that a superweapon may fall into the First Order's possession, and scrambles his team.

Threepio is apparently capable of a LOT more deception than most fans would expect, since his plan for this job requires Black Squadron to ditch their X-wings in favor of older model starfighters. Ideally, the team will arrive at Mek Nu'Tiv's cruiser undetected to interrupt the deal, fire weapons designed to cut power (and lights), sneak on board, and sneak off with the package before anyone is the wiser. Should one of Mek's team spot them, no connection will be made to the Resistance.

There's just one thing that Poe and Leia don't know, which the reader is let in on before the job goes off. Mek Nu'Tiv may believe she's selling a priceless item to the First Order… but it's actually Han Solo masquerading as a First Order officer.

At first, the issue doesn't explain why Han and Chewie are stealing a First Order uniform and dropship from the newly introduced Fuzhi Clan, or how it will help them land a serious payday (to pay off one of the gangs sure to be hunting them down for debts owed… that will sure come back to bite them later).

Their plan was as simple as Poe's: Han boards Mek's cruiser, uses a hacked datapad to show a phony credit transfer to the trader's account, and flies off with his First Order cover intact before she's any the wiser. Of course, two simple plans working against eachother soon lead to chaos. So what comes next?

Well, the first case of Han and Chewie fighting to keep the Resistance's ace pilot alive to complete his mission for Leia… without anyone realizing it, of course.

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