Star Wars Comic Solves This SOLO Movie Mystery

Fans got to see the life story of more than just Han in Solo: A Star Wars Story, but that doesn't mean they got to see every moment of it. In fact, one of the most ignored, lingering questions of the Star Wars prequel - and its jump years forward in time - has been solved in the comic book adaptation.

So far the series has helped to address more than one controversial moment in the movie, by revealing the REAL meaning of Han Solo's last name. And in our exclusive preview of Solo: A Star Wars Story Adaptation #3, fans finally get to see what happened immediately after Han and Qi'ra's attempt to escape Corellia was foiled. In the process, showing how Han's first love grew from a so-called "scrumrat" to the killer head of the Crimson Dawn cartel.

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In the theatrical cut of Solo, Han manages to pass through security at a Corellian space port, and enlist in the Imperial Navy to come back for his re-captured love and partner in crime. But when the film jumped forward three years, the version of Qi'ra that met Han was a far cry from the girl he left behind. As the most trusted lieutenant of Crimson Dawn boss Dryden Vos, the actual details of how Qi'ra got off-world and into crime was never even alluded to in detail. Thankfully, that's a mystery now explained in Solo: A Star Wars Story Adaptation #3. Have a look at the preview pages below:

Any chance to officially fill in a new chapter of the larger Han Solo/Star Wars movie timeline is valued by the lore enthusiasts out there, and spending more time demonstrating why Qi'ra deserves her spot in Crimson Dawn is certainly welcome. In the film, she reached the pinnacle of the organized crime syndicate - reporting directly to a restored Darth Maul - by betraying both Han and Dryden Vos. But thanks to this comic, the true motivations behind her actions can be understood more clearly.

After being recovered by Proxima, master of the Corellia scrumrats, Qi'ra was sold to a slave trader named Sarkin. We don't know exactly what value Sarkin believed Qi'ra would have when selling her to Dryden Vos of Crimson Dawn, but he obviously saw a glimpse of her true potential. After some extensive training in the Star Wars martial art of Teräs Käsi, Qi'ra was encouraged to divorce herself from her past, and move forward without concern for personal attachments. First, that meant murdering Sarkin for undisclosed reasons. Later, as the film shows, that meant remaining on her path despite the return of Han Solo - and eventually, killing even Dryden Vos to achieve her true power.

This preview of Issue #3 may not change anyone's mind about the movie as a whole, but shows how the film's story fleshed out a mysterious chapter in the Star Wars universe. And why some of the best moments may come from the comic, not just the movie. Interested readers can fin the full synopsis for the new issue below:

  • Published: December 19th, 2018
  • Writer: Robbie Thompson
  • Art: Will Sliney
  • Cover: Phil Noto
  • THE FASTEST SHIP IN THE GALAXY! QI’RA is alive! But she’s working for the ruthless gangster DRYDEN VOS, who forces HAN, BECKETT and QI’RA into an impossible heist. But where will this trio find the fastest ship in the galaxy to make the dreaded KESSEL RUN? Enter LANDO CALRISSIAN and the MILLENIUM FALCON!

Solo: A Star Wars Story Adaptation #3 will be released on December 19th from Marvel Comics.

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