Chewbacca Actor Confirms Han Shot First In Original Star Wars Script

Star Wars Original Trilogy Changes Greedo Shoots First

Of all the alterations George Lucas made to the original Star Wars trilogy for the various special editions, few are as infamous as the redone Han Solo/Greedo confrontation. Fans all over cried foul when they saw the scene from the original film had been changed, with the bounty hunter firing a shot (and missing) before Han blasts him. As it was presented in the 1977 theatrical cut, Solo mercilessly killed Greedo at point blank range, the Rodian never getting a chance to use his weapon against the Corellian smuggler. Ever since then, "Han shot first!" has been a rallying cry for all those who remember how it really happened.

While it seems like a trivial thing to get upset about, there is a reasonable explanation for why many complained. By having Greedo shoot before Han, Lucas had changed a vital part of Han Solo's character and the arc he had throughout the first three films. When audiences first met him, he was a dangerous pilot for hire with selfish motivations; meeting Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia turned him into a kind-hearted hero. Lucas has attempted to rationalize his decision to have Han act more in self defense than as the aggressor, but several viewers aren't buying it. And thanks to input from Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew, the truth is finally coming out.

Mayhew has spent the last few days sharing pages from the original Star Wars script on social media, giving fans a nice look at what would go on to become an Oscar nominated screenplay and launch one of the biggest franchises in the world. His tweet today is sure to generate much interest, since it reveals how Han's encounter with Greedo went down back in 1976, when Star Wars was still in principal photography:

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