• George Lucas' idea for a new Star Wars trilogy would have been as controversial as Disney's. 1 / 11

    Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker and Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in Star Wars Vertical TLDR
  • The Star Wars universe was in a very different place before Lucasfilm was acquired by Disney. 2 / 11

  • Before Disney took over, fans were upset about the prequels and many weren't sold on the idea of more Star Wars movies. 3 / 11

  • But now, the fanbase has expressed dissatisfaction with Disney's handling of Star Wars and the decision to disregard Lucas' vision. 4 / 11

  • Disney's controversial decisions about Abrams' Star Wars trilogy has changed the way people view George Lucas. 5 / 11

  • But if Lucas were still in charge, the new trilogy still would have brewed its share of controversy. 6 / 11

  • Lucas' idea would have steered the franchise in a different direction by diving deep into the scientific side of the Force. 7 / 11

  • Lucas himself has admitted that fans would have hated it, just like The Phantom Menace. 8 / 11

  • Hype for the trilogy would have been huge, especially if Lucas continued to use the original cast. 9 / 11

  • But its bold choices would have undoubtedly divided fans. 10 / 11

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