Star Wars Finally Reveals General Grievous' TRUE Face

General Grievous used his robot body to become a Star Wars legend, but now that his real face is revealed... fans may want to forget it.

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Wars Age of Republic - General Grievous

The Star Wars villain may only have appeared in one actual movie, but General Grievous was instantly one of the saga's most memorable. Now that his true face has been revealed beneath his famous mask, however, fans may wish to forget it.

The commander of Count Dooku's massive Droid Army blurs the line between organic and robotic, intentionally difficult for audiences to tell where the robotic limbs and upgrades end, and where the living being that was once Grievous actually begins. Nowhere is the point clearer than when it comes to his face. Because the world may only know his 'face' as the metallic mask that strikes fear into his enemies… but his original face has finally been officially revealed in his very own Star Wars comic.

Before General Grievous Was a Cyborg

Star Wars General Grievous Pre Cyborg

The mystery surrounding the alien race to which General Grievous originally belonged, and how much he may still resemble it, has been briefly touched upon in The Clone Wars series. According to the official Star Wars canon, Grievous is (or) was a member of the Kaleesh, physically defined as such by Wookieepedia:

"...a species of red-skinned humanoid reptilians from the planet Kalee, in Wild Space. They had two yellow eyes with slit pupils. Although all of their facial features were reminiscent of bats, such as their elongated ears and flat noses, the Kaleesh usually wore masks. They were digitigrades, walking on their toes rather than their entire feet, and they possessed a brain, a heart and lungs. They were known for their lack of mercy."

The closest that fans previously got to seeing the face of Grievous unmasked, or any other member of his race came in the Clone Wars episode entitled "Lair of Grievous," when Jedi forces infiltrated Grievous’ personal stronghold. His living space was decorated with heroic statues of warriors vanquishing their foes, but fans still had to assume that they represented Grievous personally, and not other members of his race or family. And that unanswered question is actually the first to be addressed by Grievous in Star Wars: Age of the Republic - General Grievous.

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In the story titled “Burn” by Jody Houser, Luke Ross, and Java Tartaglia, General Grievous ambushes a Jedi Master and their Padawan who have come to the planet Ledeve in search of a mysterious Force temple. Deciding that a temple may be an even better way to humiliate the Jedi he despises, Grievous seeks it out. When he finds statues of past Jedi Masters lining its halls, he destroys them--but not before remarking that he, too, has statues of similar scale and quality at home. Statues that he has “earned,” seeming to confirm that the appearance of the head-wrapped, scimitar-swinging warrior truly is him, prior to his robotic augmentations.

Thankfully, the storytellers give eager fans a much better image of the face beneath the mask of Grievous once he finally arrives at the Force anomaly around which the temple is built. And trust us, neither readers nor Grievous himself are ready to see it.

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