Star Wars Writer Gary Whitta ‘Would Jump At’ Working on Star Trek

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Life is probably pretty good right now for screenwriter Gary Whitta. Not only has his most recent effort, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – for which he shares a story credit with John Knoll – raked in over $1 billion worldwide, but he's also continued to tell stories in a galaxy far, far away by penning a handful of episodes of Star Wars Rebels season 3. Whitta's most recent effort, 'Warhead' aired on January 14 and told the story of Chopper and Zeb running into an Imperial Droid.

As with most writers, though, Whitta is quick to move on to other projects and other genres. Though he's mainly stuck with high-concept sci-fi – in both his movie and video game scripting duties – working on such films as The Book of Eli and the Will Smith-led After Earth, Whitta's recently added another fantasy film to his resume with the upcoming live-action adaptation of David Petersen's Mouse Guard. After that, however, the scribe has another intergalactic adventure he'd been keen to take on.

During an interview with geek product curator and delivery service Loot Crate (via ComicBook), Whitta says that he would like a shot to boldly going where no man has gone before, and to do some writing for Star Trek. Whitta said:

"One of [the other franchises I want to work on] is definitely the amazing Mouse Guard graphic novels by David Petersen, and I'm lucky enough to be adapting them as a feature film for 20th Century Fox right now. Beyond that if I were ever given the chance to write something in the Star Trek universe I would jump at it."

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Should he find himself working on a Star Trek project at some point, Whitta wouldn't be the first to make the trek from galaxy to galaxy – though he would reverse the order. Both J.J. Abrams and Simon Pegg are perhaps the most recent high-profile examples of Trekkers that've jumped ship from franchise to franchise. But while Abrams helped awaken the Force with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Pegg turned in a small voice-acting role, before heading back to the Federation to co-write and co-star in last summer's Star Trek Beyond.

As Pegg is currently working away on the fourth Star Trek screenplay, Whitta may find his Trek options rather limited. Good thing there's a new television series on the way with CBS' continually delayed Star Trek: Discovery. Given the name recognition Whitta enjoys thanks to some recent space-faring successes, perhaps he'll get to pen a Trek story after all.

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Star Trek Discovery was expected to premiere on CBS All Access May 2017, but it may in fact premiere at a later date this year.

Source: Loot Crate (via ComicBook)

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