Galaxy's Edge Theme Park Is Set Between Last Jedi & Star Wars 9

When visitors begin to arrive in Disney Parks' Galaxy's Edge, they will arrive in a timeline that takes place somewhere between Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Episode 9. The company first announced that it had plans to bring a Star Wars-themed land to its two U.S. parks in 2015. As construction began, Disney eventually released the land's name: Galaxy's Edge.

Now, nearly four years later, Galaxy's Edge is close to opening and Disney is finally releasing more details about what guests can expect when they visit the parks. Galaxy's Edge isn't just Star Wars-themed, it's an entire story that will immerse Star Wars fans in the goings-on of an Outer Rim village on a planet called Batuu. Disney revealed details about that village in 2018, unveiling its name, the Black Spire Outpost. Here, guests can ride on the Millennium Falcon, as well as experience a cantina similar to that on Mos Eisley. There are even merchandise stalls run by aliens, with cast members taking on roles as villagers that will make the entire land seem that much more real. All the food is also Star Wars-themed, as well as the drinks, and yes, one can even drink blue milk there.

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EW revealed that the timeline of the Black Spire Outpost in Disney Parks will coincide with events that happen between The Last Jedi and Episode 9. That means the First Order is still in power, demonstrated by a life-size TIE Echelon ship in an area of the land controlled by the Order. There is an ongoing story at Black Spire Outpost: The First Order are looking for something and have arrived on Batuu in search of it. Black Spire Outpost's story, though, will continue to evolve to adapt to future Star Wars stories. Margaret Kerrison, managing story editor with Walt Disney Imagineering said:

“We want to give the impression that this planet has always been around, and that we’re coming into it as travelers for the first time onto Batuu. There are layers and layers of history and all of these other characters, familiar and new, who have come and gone to this planet.”

Galaxys Edge

The rides in Galaxy's Edge include The Rise of the Resistance, which will take guests on an exciting adventure to infiltrate a First Order base where they will face Kylo Ren and engage in a desperate escape attempt. There still aren't a lot of details about the Millennium Falcon ride, but it will allow guests to enter into a realistic version of the ship and interact with it in a way that will enable them to "fly" the Falcon.

Disney plans on doing everything it can to immerse guests in the Star Wars experience in Galaxy's Edge and has given it a back story, as well as a comic book tie-in. It has also received a mention in several novels, meaning that everything that happens in the Black Spire Outpost is canon. Galaxy's Edge opens in Disneyland this summer, with the Walt Disney World version opening in Hollywood Studios this fall.

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Source: EW

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