Galaxy's Edge Rise of the Resistance Ride Opening Dates Revealed

Rise of the Resistance

The opening dates for the Rise of the Resistance attraction at Galaxy's Edge have officially been revealed. Earlier this year, Disney Parks finally opened the long-awaited Star Wars world at their Florida and California locations. As expected, Galaxy's Edge has been a significant draw, with several fans coming to experience the galaxy far, far away like never before. While walking through Black Spire Outpost on Batuu, people have constructed their own lightsaber, purchased exclusive merchandise, and tasted Star Wars themed food and beverage items.

Unsurprisingly, Galaxy's Edge was in high demand from the moment it was announced, which meant people couldn't wait to see it for themselves. As a result, Disney decided to move the opening dates up; Galaxy's Edge premiered at Disneyland back in May and will open at Disney World's Hollywood Studios in August. The one catch is that the park isn't fully complete yet. At the time Galaxy's Edge opened its doors, the anticipated Rise of the Resistance attraction wasn't ready for operation. But now, it's been revealed when attendees can check it out.

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The official Disney Parks Blog announced today Rise of the Resistance will open at Disney World on December 5, 2019 and Disneyland on January 17, 2020. A poster promoting the ride was also unveiled, which you can see in the space below:

All of Galaxy's Edge was very ambitious, but Disney really went the extra mile with Rise of the Resistance. People are thrust into the middle of a giant battle between the sequel trilogy's Resistance and First Order factions. As the name suggests, park attendees fight alongside the heroes and try to escape a Star Destroyer, blasting their way through stormtroopers and Kylo Ren. The park blog teases it will "blur the lines between fantasy and reality," which explains why it's taken long to finish. It sounds like it will be a truly immersive experience, and Disney wants to make sure it lives up to fans' expectations. Many would be disappointed if Rise of the Resistance had been rushed to meet Galaxy's Edge debut and ended up being underwhelming. It's best Disney takes their time to make sure it's right. Alongside the Smuggler's Run ride, Rise of the Resistance is a lynchpin of Galaxy's Edge.

Smartly, Rise of the Resistance will be ready in Orlando a few weeks before Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premieres in theaters, when anticipation will be at a fever pitch for the new movie. In the past, the opening of new Star Wars films have been accompanied with the Galactic Nights event at Disney World, so one has to imagine if Disney felt it was best to prioritize the Hollywood Studios location so it was all set for the festivities. With fans coming to Disney Parks to celebrate the iconic franchise, what better way to make it a day to remember than by showcasing a brand new ride?

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Source: Disney Parks Blog

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