Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Theme Park Opening Dates Revealed By Disney

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Concept Art

The opening dates for the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge theme park at Disney's California and Florida locations have officially been revealed. When the Mouse House acquired Lucasfilm back in 2012, it was clear they had much grander plans for the Star Wars franchise than just a slate of new films that would continue and add to the Skywalker saga. In 2015, the company formally announced Galaxy's Edge, an ambitious and extensive theme park expansion that would immerse fans in the galaxy far, far away like never before.

Construction on Galaxy's Edge began in 2016, with the intention of hitting a 2019 opening date. For the longest time, it was said the Galaxy's Edge in California would be ready for attendees in the summer, with the Florida one following in the fall. No exact windows were revealed, but now Star Wars fans have dates to circle on their calendars.

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Today, Disney announced official opening dates for Galaxy's Edge. The one at Disneyland Resort opens on May 31, while the one at Disney's Hollywood Studios opens on August 29. The parks are opening earlier than originally expected due to the sheer amount of interest people have in Galaxy's Edge.

What's important to note is that Galaxy's Edge will be rolled out in two separate phases. In the first, park attendees will be able to experience the Smugglers Run attraction and take control of the Millennium Falcon. Other highlights during phase one include purchasing Star Wars themed food and beverages and park merchandise. The second phase, which will launch later this year, sees the unveiling of the highly-anticipated Rise of the Resistance attraction, which places the attendee in the thick of a tense battle between the First Order and the Resistance. From a business perspective, this is a savvy move on Disney's part. They can capitalize on the demand to experience Galaxy's Edge in the summer, and then people will have incentive to come back once Rise of the Resistance opens. In a way, they get two big events for one park.

Galaxy's Edge opening is just another reason why 2019 is poised to be the biggest year for Star Wars yet. Already, fans were looking forward to Episode IX and The Mandalorian, so this is icing on the cake. Ever since the first film premiered in 1977, audiences have dreamed of living in the galaxy far, far away, and thanks to Disney Parks, this is the closest they'll get. Galaxy's Edge is sure to be a fun and exciting experience for everyone who goes, and it will no doubt generate tons of revenue for Disney.

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