Millennium Falcon's First Official Photo from Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Revealed

Star Wars Galaxys Edge Teaser Footage

The first official image of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge's Millennium Falcon attraction has emerged. First announced back in 2015, Galaxy's Edge is a forthcoming Star Wars-themed zone currently being built for both Disneyland, California and Walt Disney World, Florida. The parks are intended to give guests an utterly immersive Star Wars experience when they both finally open in 2019 and will be based on the Black Spire Outpost, an area located on a new planet to the franchise, Batuu, that has been mentioned in both the Solo movie and the Thrawn: Alliances novel.

Plenty of details regarding the Galaxy's Edge project have already been made public. The park will include a Mos Eisley-style eating facility that will be the first to offer alcoholic beverages within the resort. and the assortment of Disney merchandise on offer will be sold by Toydarians, the same species as Watto from The Phantom Menace. Of course, the heart of any theme park is the rides and Galaxy's Edge will include two: "Rise of the Resistance" and the highly anticipated "Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run" attraction.

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The official Disneyland Facebook page (via CBR) has now posted a behind the scenes look at development on Galaxy's Edge that features a near-completed Millennium Falcon. The actual-scale construction will form part of the Smuggler's Run attraction and Disney promises that guests will be able to "take the controls of the fastest ship of the galaxy". It has previously been reported that, in keeping with the park's focus on interactivity and immersion, how guests perform on the flight simulator will impact both the end of the ride itself and their subsequent experience in other areas of the park.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Millennium Falcon

Galaxy's Edge certainly seems like one of Disney's most ambitious projects yet in terms of their theme park resorts and a large part of how the new area will be received surely depends on its biggest attraction, the Millennium Falcon. Judging from the photo above however, both the park and Han's famous ship are looking immense in terms of their realism and their spectacle. Unless Earth is invaded by a fleet of Stormtroopers within the next six months, Galaxy's Edge will no doubt be as close as fans can possibly get to feeling like part of the Star Wars universe.

2019 is set to be a huge year for the Star Wars franchise, not just because of the official opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, but also because the final installment of the current trilogy is set for release in December. The currently-untitled Star Wars: Episode IX sees the return of J. J. Abrams after the mixed reception received by 2017's The Last Jedi and is expected to conclude the Skywalker story.

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Source: Disney/Facebook (via CBR)

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