What It's Like to Build Your Own Lightsaber at Galaxy's Edge

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Building your own lightsaber at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is possible, and a video online shows how it’s done. For most, if not all Star Wars fans, few things could match the recent opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland. The spectacular new attraction offers an immersive Star Wars experience, providing fans with numerous unique opportunities.

One such opportunity for aspiring Jedi is building a custom lightsaber. The experience was highlighted early on by Disney, so fans have had more than enough time to wonder about the exact process of building and owning their own bit of Jedi weaponry. The lightsaber is an essential aspect of the Star Wars franchise, and its ability to continue captivating imaginations makes the opportunity to try and build one a definite highlight of Galaxy’s Edge for many. However, those wishing to construct a lightsaber must first be willing to pay a rather hefty $200 price tag. Given the cost, it’s understandable why the entire process seems somewhat low-key.

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According to Polygon, even the processes of finding the right place to pay for the privilege of building your own lightsaber takes a certain amount of effort, as Galaxy’s Edge staff, or “cast,” help to create a very interactive environment. Asking Batuu locals for directions to Savi’s Workshop (where lightsabers are built) will gain you strange looks. Once discovered, however, the interactive performances continue, as guests are ushered into a business that deals in scrap, otherwise known as Savi’s. The complete experience of building a lightsaber can be viewed in the video below:

It’s here where guests are offered a variety of deconstructed lightsaber parts to choose one from, which will make up the core of the custom lightsaber. They are: "Peace and Justice, Power and Control, Elemental Nature and Protection, and Defense." Once the guest makes their mind up, they are given a pin to affix to their chest, which will allow the Gatherers to know their choice in “scrap metals.” When the small group of lightsaber builders are met by Gatherers, they are told some history of the lightsaber, after which time construction begins. Guests select a kyber crystal and are then given a tray of parts that contains: one hilt, four sleeves, two emitters, two pommel caps and two sets of activation plates and switches. Once all these parts are put together, there is a brief ceremony in dimmed light, allowing guests to raise their brand new lightsabers.

From the sound of it, Disney’s raised the bar with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, really making an effort to give Star Wars fans as authentic an experience as possible. That being said, paying over $200 for something that isn’t much different from some of the lightsabers sold online does seem a bit over the top. Perhaps the point here is the overall experience - the cast members in character, the Star Wars environment, the feeling that guests are being let in on something unique. The price tag is high, especially when combined with the initial Disneyland entry fee, but for some, it's all part of being a Star Wars fan.

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Source: Polygon

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