Star Wars: John Williams Providing Original Score for Disney Theme Park

John Williams composed an original score for Disney's Star Wars theme park, Galaxy's Edge. Outside of George Lucas, Williams is arguably the most important contributor to the franchise's enduring legacy. His numerous memorable musical cues helped elevate the movies, with tracks like the main title theme and the Imperial March becoming just as iconic as any character or location. He's been a rare constant across the episodes of the Skywalker saga and he'll return one last time for next December's Episode IX.

Decades into his career, Williams remains at the top of his game. His scores for both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi were nominated for Oscars and he also composed a catchy theme for Han Solo in this summer's Solo: A Star Wars Story. Everyone involved with the property knows how valuable an asset Williams is, which is why Disney is making sure the iconic musician lent a helping hand to Galaxy's Edge.

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According to EW, Williams wrote new material that will play in the various Galaxy's Edge attractions. The outlet shared a short video that provided a snippet of the titular track. It's fittingly appropriate for the Star Wars brand, setting the stage for the epic adventures attendees will have when Galaxy's Edge finally opens at Disney's Florida and California locations next year.

Based on photos and videos of the park construction, Disney went the extra mile to ensure Galaxy's Edge is as authentic an experience as possible. So, it's a nice touch that it will include what is in all likelihood some of the last Star Wars music Williams wrote. He's hinted that he will retire from the franchise after Star Wars 9, remarking that working on nine films "will be quite enough for me." Hearing whatever tunes Williams came up with will only add to the wonder of exploring Galaxy's Edge. Plus, if the idea behind the park is to transport people to the galaxy far, far away, Williams' score will help Disney accomplish that goal. Solo established some of Williams' music exists within the Star Wars universe (see: the recruitment version of the Imperial March).

Though the Skywalker saga is ending with Episode IX, the Star Wars franchise is going to continue well into the next decade with several projects in various stages of development. Of course, Williams won't be involved with them, but his influence should still be felt. Even as the upcoming movies and TV shows look to blend different tones and genres with the "traditional" Star Wars feel, Williams' successors will likely try to emulate the musical language he established more than four decades ago. Rogue One and Solo illustrate this, drawing from Williams' past work to craft scores of their own. It'll be interesting to hear what others come up with, but nobody will be able to match William's legendary output.

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Source: EW

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